Scale of Charges

Scale of Charges 2017 Season

All prices are inclusive of VAT at 20%


Per Boat (2-3 anglers)                         Monday Special       Tue – Fri      Sat & Sun   10.00am to 6.00pm (or 8 hours)                        £32                             £47                   £52

Hourly Rate (minimum 4 hours)                         n/a                           £8.50                 £9.50

Single Anglers

10.00am to 6.00pm (or 8 hours)                         £21                            £31                    £36

Hourly Rate (minimum 4 hours)                         n/a                          £6.50                 £7.50


EVENING SESSIONS                                                            All Week

Per Boat (2-3 anglers)                                                                          

June & July                                                                                           £40

April, May, August – season end                                                      £30

Single Anglers

June & July                                                                                           £30

April, May, August – season end                                                      £20



Per Boat (2-3 anglers)                                                         Mon – Fri      Sat & Sun

June & July                                                                                           £66                   £65

April, May, August – season end                                                      £50                   £55


COMBINED DAY & EVENING SESSIONS                           15% discount


EARLY MORNING BOATS (Saturdays only – dawn to 9.30 am)

Per Boat (2-3 anglers)                                                                         £40

Single Anglers                                                                                      £30


Please note

  1. Single Angler boats (all sessions) can only be booked 72 hours in advance.
  2. Pre booked boats cancelled within 7 days prior to the outing will be charged in full.
  3. All trout under 11 inches must be carefully returned.  There is NO limit on numbers kept

To Book a Boat(s), CLICK HERE

Alternatively you can contact us using one of the methods below:

Lochleven Fisheries                           Office (weekdays 9- 5): 01577 863407
The Pier                                                   Fishery (during season) 07894 899532
Kinross                                                    Fax: 01577 863180
KY13 8UF                                                Make Booking Enquiry

44 Responses to Scale of Charges

  1. Gerry Linklater says:

    Could you please tell me when the fishing season starts?

    Gerry Linklater

    • Hi Gerry, the season here on Loch Leven officially started last weekend although a few keen individuals nipped out a few days earlier as soon as we had put a boat in the water. Hope to see you here soon

  2. Rab Straiton says:

    Willie, is it fly fishing only in the loch? Regards, Rab

  3. Alex says:

    How you doing willie, Is there any boats available for the saturday morning this week??

  4. Paul says:

    Hi could you please give me the post code for the loch never fished here before and a stranger to these lands thanks

  5. Les says:

    Hi Willie
    I’m not clear on the tariffs.
    What would it cost for a single person to hire a boat and rod etc for a couple of hours during the day ? Is an oarsman required ? I’m visiting from South Africa and don’t carry equipment. Thanks Les Fatherley

    • Hi Les,
      Sorry for the delay in responding – for some reason your message got classified as spam and we did not notice it.

      For a single angler, the minimum period we let boats out for during the day is 4 hours with a charge of £5 per hour (ie min charge £20). However we do not usually book out single angler boats more than 24 hours in advance as we only have 20 boats in total and want to try to get the max number of anglers out on the loch if we can. However, if it is quiet and we have boats free, then we do allow them out with single anglers. If it is busy, we would try to pair you up with someone else. It all depends on the day.

      We can provide a ghillie if required but all the boats have outboard motors so rowing only happens in extremis! Our staff would always point you in the right direction as to where you might best try and with what flies. We have rods, lines & flies available for hire if you are not coming with your equipment. Best to ring Michael Wilson on 07771 899532 if you want any more info re boats, equipment.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  6. Aled says:

    Hi Willie
    Coming up from Wales for a wee visit to see the wife’s relatives and hope to fish Leven on the Friday or Sunday next week.
    Do I need to book?
    Has the lodge any life jackets as I will be bringing my 10 year old son as well – he wont be fishing.
    Which day would be better chance of getting onto the water?
    How’s it fishing and what flies are working at the moment?

  7. Paul says:

    Hi Willie, I am coming up to the Isle of Glencoe hotel for the weekend 9th/10th Feb, my son was asking about fishing for an hour or so spinning or bait fishing. From what I have read on the site it would seem as if this is not allowed on Loch Leven, is this correct? Sorry all my fishing experience is on the river clyde.

    • Hi Paul,

      I have replied by email but I think you are referring to the Loch Leven on the west coast over by Fort William. As a brown trout fishery here near Kinross on the east, we don’t allow either bait fishing or spinning – and our season doesn’t start until mid March. I hope you have a great time with your son staying in Glencoe and hope you find some good fishing up there!

  8. Kevin says:

    Hi willie am coming to fish on the loch next month and am to get my gear together and am wondering what’s the best flies to bring with me and what kind of line to spool up for hopefully some successful fishing .
    Thanks Kev

  9. Finley Milne says:

    what is the minimum age to rent a boat?

    • Hi Finley,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

      As a rule of thumb, we would normally expect someone to be aged 18 or over when booking / taking out a boat – or at least someone of that age or greater in the boat even if not actually fishing themselves. However, we have allowed experienced younger anglers to take boats out in the past but that has been assessed on a case by case basis.

      If you would like to discuss it further, it might be worth speaking to Michael Wilson, our Fisheries Manager. His contact number is 07894 899532.

  10. Peter Scott says:

    Hi Willie, I was looking to book a boat out with a friend next Saturday (possibly) but it would be an evening session; what time do the evening sessions begin and end? I apologise if the answer is on here, I just couldn’t see it!

    Regards, Peter.

    • Hi Peter, the evening sessions tend to go on until after last light which currently is about 10.30pm. Give Michael a call on 07894 899 532 if you want to go ahead with the evening boat on Saturday. Regards Willie

  11. john pratt says:

    Hi Wille
    I have an outing booked for saturday the 6th September.
    can you tell me the earliest time we can get on the water , is it 10:am
    john (norhet fly fishing club)

  12. Chris Hindley says:

    Good Evening,

    Do you also do Pike Fishing i hear? If so is it fly only or are you allowed spinning?

    Also the evening fishing that you do, what times is evening fishing?

    Much info as possible please would be great.



    • Hi Chris, sorry not to respond sooner but had not noticed your comment until now. Yes we do indeed allow pike fishing on the loch. You can use fly or spinning if fishing for pike. Boat costs are exactly thesame regardless of whether you are fishing for pike or brown trout – the scale of charges is shown on the blog website. The evening session is from 6pm until dark (after 11pm at the moment).

  13. Sandy Laird says:

    Bit confused…no spinning for trout but spinning is ok for pike. Have you told the big trout that they’re not allowed to take spinners?! Is spinning restricted to specific areas?

    • Seems to work ok. We are essentially a brown trout fishery and virtually all fishing is for trout which here is fly only. There are a very small percentage of boats each season taken out by pike anglers where spinning for pike is permitted in addition to fly fishing. If a trout happens to be caught on a spinner, we trust the pike angler to carefully return it. This informal code of practice seems to work fine with anglers and so we rather take the stance of ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. No area restrictions

  14. Deano says:

    Can you fish for pike on the Loch?

  15. Paul says:

    Hi, I’ve noted you allow pike fishing to some degree. Could you tell me if you allow deadbaiting and if it is by 1 rod only. Thanks.

    • Hi Paul, yes we certainly allow pike fishing on the loch despite primarily being a wild brown trout fishery. We have seen more pike anglers here this season than for very long time and they have had quite a bit of success. It seems to be best early in the season before the weed beds become established and provide cover for them but they are still being caught.

      Re dead bait, yes this is allowed but it is marine / sea dead bait only. Freshwater dead bait is not permitted because obviously the last thing we want to allow a fresh water disease to be introduced from elsewhere. The other condition is that all dead bait which is left over at the end of the day is taken away by anglers and not dumped in the loch which has happened unfortunately on a couple of occasions.

      I am not sure what the position is re fishing more than one rod at a time – probably best to ring Michael on 07894 899532 to check.

      Kind regards


      • james mckay says:

        can you also deadbait for pike from the bank

      • Hi James, I am afraid there is no bank fishing at all permitted not just for pike but for anything – all fishing is done from boats. The loch is a National Nature Reseve primarily due to its large numbers of birds and so the foreshore is kept as undisturbed as possible.

  16. Robert Gallacher says:

    Hi Willie,
    could you advise if perch fishing with soft plastics is allowed ? the lures used are all single hook and up until now i have never had a trout take one on a variety of waters.
    regards R.Gallacher

    • Hi Robert, we do not normally allow fishing just for perch. Although numbers do appear to be increasing, we do not believe that they are there yet in sufficient numbers to make it worthwhile. We have let one of our regulars try for perch on occasions using the sorts of lures you are suggesting but the feeling is that you are much more likely to catch a trout than a perch on the loch. If the perch population continues to recover in the way the pike population is, we may reconsider.

  17. Paul says:

    Hi Willie,can you pike fishing using lures from a boat,read your blog a few times and wouldn’t mind giving the place a bash with lures? Is so what is the price?


  18. Allan Logan says:

    Hi when does your fishing season start. Also how much for one adult for a couple of hours sorry I am completely new to this

    • Hi Allan,

      The season here on Loch Leven begins on Saturday 25th March. The fishing on the loch is all done from boats (no bank fishing) and the minimum session we do is 4 hours (a normal day session lasts from 10am – 6pm). The cost of a boat (includes outboard, fuel, life jacket etc is dependent on the day of the week. The easiest thing to do is to look at the page with the prices. If you need more info, call Michael Wilson on 07894 899532.

      Kind regards


  19. Thomas Digan says:

    Hi when does the loch open for pike fishing and can you give me some info on successful methods / amount of rods per angler and do the boats have anchors


    • Hi Thomas,

      The new season starts on Saturday 25th March. You can take as many rods out as you like but can only fish one per angler at a time. Yes we can provide an anchor with the boat. Re successful methods, best ring Michael on 07894 899532.

      Kind regards


  20. Paul says:

    What are pike fishing prices?
    Can you fish from the shore or do you need to hire boats. Thanks

    • Hi Paul,
      I am afraid that there is no bank fishing permitted on the loch – it is from boats only. The easiest thing to do is to go to our website ( where it shows the scale of boat charges (same for trout & pike) and there is a page on pike fishing explaining what is and is not permitted.



  21. Kevin mclean says:

    Hi there was looking to find out if boat available for tomorrow afternoon and do the have out board supplied with them

    • Hi Kevin,

      Yes we have boats available tomorrow and yes all our boats are fitted with outboard motors and this is included in the boat charge. If you wish to fish tomorrow, just come to the Pier at Kinross just before 10am and the Fisheries staff will sort it out for you. Kind regards, Jamie

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