Please feel free to contact us if you wish to book a boat or have any questions about fishing on Loch Leven.

Lochleven Fisheries                            Tel (All Year): 01577 863467
The Pier                                                    Tel (Friday – Sunday) 01577 865386
Kinross                                                      Fax: 01577 863180
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10 Responses to Contact

  1. Tricia says:

    Can I launch my dinghy from Kinross have a small outboard engine

    • Hi Tricia,

      Sadly, the terms of the National Nature Reserve agreement for Loch Leven does not permit members of the public using boats with engines on the loch. That may seem strange bearing in mind all the fishing boats with outboard engines on the loch but they have special dispensation (fishing was going on long before the NNR agreement came into force 40 years ago and therefore the Fishery is allowed to operate boats with outboards on the loch).

      SNH, who manage the NNR, do permit rowing boats and canoes to operate in certain areas of the loch but nothing I’m afraid with an outboard motor. Sorry.

      Kind regards


  2. Anita Barker says:


    Can I check if Willie Wilson is the same person that was a wee lad when my dad Jack Howell worked on the loch?

    Sadly dad died last year aged 82
    and he always wanted his ashes scattered in the shallows…is this possible.

    Kindest regards


    • Hi Anita, almost certainly it is the same Willie Wilson. He recently ‘retired’ after 50 years on the loch – that was the theory anyway because he is still part time and thankfully shows no sign at all of leaving!

  3. Konrad Borycki says:

    Is Fishing Float method or groundwater from the shore is allowed? If yes, how much is permit for adult and children (10-15 years old)?
    I asking because I have not experience with fly method.

  4. Matt Neilson says:

    Hi Willie, what kind of fry do you think the trout are feeding on? And what size might the fry be at this time? Have you heard of a pattern that’s worked or do you have a favourite? How best to fish the patterns ?

    Keep going with your excellent blog!


    • Hi Matt, I have just spoken to Willie and he has confirmed the following that the trout are almost certainly feeding on stickleback and perch fry. In all likelihood, it is stickleback that are shoaling around the weed beds whereas in the open water it is more likely to be perch fry. The perch fry will have hatched last month and are still very small with opaque bodies and this is why pearly bodied flies are working well at the moment. He would recommend either using a Pearly Invicta or pearly bodied Kate McKaren and, when the fish are on or near the surface, pulling them fairly fast behind a low density line.

  5. Colin says:

    Can I fish from my own knack . If I pay the full boat fee

    • Hi Colin,

      Normally I would say yes but Loch Leven is a National Nature Reserve managed by Scottish Natural Heritage and the agreement the fishery has with them states that fishing can only be done from our fleet of boats. It doesn’t cover canoes, kayaks or dinghies and I very much doubt that SNH would agree to extend the agreement to cover these partly because it wants to restrict access by canoes & kayaks to only certain areas of the loch.



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