Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 19th September

Things have remained largely fairly quiet at Loch Leven from a fishing point of view as the season draws to an end although they have livened up somewhat over the last couple of days – however more about that in the next weekly report!

Fish are still chasing fry round the weed beds and some very big trout have been seen herding fry into small balls of fish and then crashing through the mass of fry willing their stomachs in seconds!  One angler reported seeing a huge brownie probably close to 10 lbs off the Horn Bank north of St Serfs and there were reports of other similar sightings elsewhere.  Even the small fish seem to be having a go at the fry and a small brownie caught last week measuring only 12 inches was coughing up numerous sticklebacks before being returned.

The biggest fish of the week to our knowledge was caught on Sunday by Sylvia Todd who was out fishing with her husband Eddie and Janis Hall.  The fish was a 3 lbs 7 ozs maiden trout with a very silvery look and therefore not looking as though it was going to travel the burns this season.

The open water is still holding good numbers of fish.  The North & South Deeps are well worth a drift as is working your way along the weed beds.  As mentioned previously, these fry feeders are fairly blinkered in what quarry they are after and are usually hard to attract to a fly but it is exciting to see them nonetheless.

Traditional flies are probably the best bet.  One angler, out fishing on Sunday, had 3 fish; one caught on a Doobry, one on a Kate McLaren and the final one on a green butted Claret Snatcher.

Water clarity remains at about 1.2 meters thanks to a continuing bloom of Diatom (brown algae) and water temperature remains impressively warm for the time of year at 15.50C.  As well as the huge numbers of fry, there are still good amounts of Zooplankton all over the loch.

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