Loch Leven Fishing report – week ending 29th August

It has all been pretty quiet here at Loch Leven with only a few boats going out, presumably with many anglers still sunning themselves on holiday!  The one exception was yesterday when a fair number turned up to fish and most boats were out, only for the conditions to be very bright, sunny and at times quite windy.  Despite the conditions, anglers reported fish moving although, when the conditions did appear to improve mid to late afternoon, the fish appeared to go deep for some reason – exactly the opposite behaviour to what we would have normally expected.

Last week, fish of all sizes were reported being contacted just under the surface, mainly out on the open water drifts.  Some of these open water drifts are very long, such as in a good south west wind from Gairney Mouth all the way over the South Deeps to the Mid or East Buoys.  The North Deeps too are holding a lot of fish when drifting from Scart Island all the way over to the North or Elbow Buoys.  The weed beds are still holding fry-feeding trout but by all accounts they are proving hard to tempt, so much so that we have unusually had no big trout at all in returns this week with the heaviest that we know of coming in at 3 lbs.

Black and Claret Hoppers are still working,  as are the Pearly Kate McLaren, Doobry, Wingless Wickham and some of the popular fry imitations.  Line choice remains important and it is better to leave the decision to the day rather than making your mind up in advance as weather conditions will likely dictate where your flies might be most effective.

Not much change in water conditions since the last report, in that clarity remains at 1.6 meters with Zooplankton still prolific in the water column and the temperature is steady at 160C.

Fry are now to be seen virtually everywhere in the loch but especially in the usual areas and hopefully the trout will switch their attention to them again properly soon.

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