Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 8th August

Where did those gales come from?  It is early August after all, not November!  The unseasonably strong winds led to all fishing on Sunday and Monday being cancelled which was a shame.

That aside, there were some nice baskets of fish recorded earlier in the week.  On Tuesday evening, Willie Simpson and Garry Ormiston had 9 fish between them, all returned. Alan Smith, out fishing with a pal on Wednesday during the afternoon and evening, had 12 fish which were all returned.  On Thursday, Bradley Chalmers had 5 fish during the day whilst Colin Martin had 10 fish to his own rod fishing the afternoon & evening session – once again, both these anglers returned all their fish.

Biggest trout of the week as far as we are aware was caught by Alex Rankine and weighed exactly 5 lbs.  It was taken on a Kate McLaren Snatcher between Carden Point and the west end of St Serfs.

A good number of small fish are still being caught which is encouraging for seasons to come.  I have to expressing privately some mild concerns a few weeks ago about the number of small fish being seen on the loch but I needn’t have worried.  No sooner had I opened my mouth than there they were!

Open water drifts are still performing the best with both the North & South Deeps holding good numbers of fish.

Best flies too have not really changed since last week.  Flies with pearl bodies or at least a pearl rib are worth a try.  The pearly Kate McLaren has been taking good numbers of fish, as has the Doobry, Wingless Wickham and Black Snatcher.

Water clarity has edged down a little over the last week to 1.6 meters but I think that has been largely down to the high winds churning things up a bit over the weekend.  The same is true of the water temperature which is down slightly at 150C.

Fish have been spotted along the weed beds lately and I have little doubt that they will be resuming their fry bashing activities soon as we would expect towards the end of the season.

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