Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 25th July

The fishing on Loch Leven has been a little patchy on Loch Leven over the last week although anglers did well when the conditions happened to be right.  On Tuesday evening, Ally Middlemass and David Bowie had 8 good fish – all returned – at the Mid Buoy.  Most anglers that night had a fish or two including a big fish weighing an estimated 5 lbs+ which was caught and returned by Hugh Jenkins.  It was caught just to the north of the East Buoy and was feeding on fry when hooked.

Probably the most memorable session of the week though was early morning on Wednesday when 3 boats were out at dawn. A huge thanks to Jon Crowther for posting the three photos below together with the following comments “Caught with lightning going off over the hills at 5am on a size 12 Muddler with a figure of 8. I’ve wanted a fish like that forever -.thank you Loch Leven..makes getting oot ma pit at 1am worth it. Fish safely returned too!”

Great photo of Jon Crowther with his fish and then returning it

Great photo of Jon Crowther with his fish and then returning it

“We were just really lucky with the lighting. It was like the storm was all round the loch 360° but blue sky directly above the loch – definitely worth it, an amazing morning’s fishing. The fish are top class.  It was only on the way back across that the storm hit the water, rods all put away, heads down low and a b-line for home in the biblical rain!!”

Wonderfully evocative photo of returning to harbour during the storm

Wonderfully evocative photo of returning to harbour during the storm

After having reported some quite encouraging fly hatches over the previous couple of weeks when we saw hatches of buzzers and big, juicy Yellow Owls, the evening hatches last week were rather disappointing. For some reason, they became very intermittent evening on evenings which appeared quite promising.

Fry feeders have been spotted over the past week which is pretty early in the season for this activity.  Some of the fish spotted ‘fry bashing@ have been very big indeed. Along some of the now well-established weed beds is where you would expect to find fish feeding in this manner particularly those weed beds with quick access to deep water such as the west side of the Horn Bank, the south side of St Serfs Island, the south shore from the Cavelstone Strip virtually all the way to the Sluices.  Catching fish feeding on fry can often be tricky because they seem to get into a state of near frenzy but it can be done and then you are in for some good sport.

Recommended fishing methods have not changed much since last week.  Both traditional pulling methods as well as buzzers are still catching fish.  Open water drifts are working well, both during the day and evening sessions, when the fish decide to play.

Water clarity has dipped down to 1.8 meters with the water temperature holding pretty steady at 16.50C.  Weed growth is pretty extensive but may now have peaked and so there could be some good action in these areas over the coming weeks.

And finally another two nice photos sent in by Dusty Miller who was out fishing with Willie Fotheringham on Thursday evening

Dusk over Loch Leven

Dusk over Loch Leven

"...... and it was this big - honest!"

“…… and it was this big – honest!”

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