Loch Leven Fishing Report – period ending 19th July

BREAKING NEWS!  Well, not actually the sort of ‘Breaking News’ that we get used to from the BBC or SKY.  Instead what we have been witnessing over the last week on Loch Leven has been some big trout giving anglers a bit of a ‘going over’ with some fairly brutal behaviour when hooked.

Last night for example, 3 different anglers reported being broken by some pretty big fish – in all three cases, the anglers had been using 8 lbs up to 9 ½ lbs breaking strain leader material.

John Patrick with a big 6 lbs 7 ozs brownie caught early last week near the Green Isle

John Patrick with a big 6 lbs 7 ozs brownie caught early last week near the Green Isle

Big fish ‘specialist’ Frank McFarlane had 2 fish last week between 6 and 7 pounds.  Stevie Stuart was out fishing last Friday evening with Lochgelly SRC AC and had a fish at 6 lbs 13¾ ozs using a floating line and Kate McLaren.  His boat partner Davie was ‘broken’ when two pretty big fish took his flies at the same time.  Archie Ferguson was also out fishing with Lochgelly and had a very nice fish at 4 lbs 1 ozs.

Evening fishing is still somewhat unpredictable.  On Monday evening for example, there was a big hatch of various flies including some nice big Yellow Owl and yet the fish appeared on that occasion to be somewhat reluctant to get involved . That said, however, Alan Lindsay did have 7 trout for his boat, Dunfermline Railway AC had the same number between their 2 boats and Ian Harper had 3 nice trout while out fishing with Central Scotland Police AC and so perhaps we are just being fussy!

All the recognised fishing methods appear to be working when the fish have a mind to respond.  Buzzers are still taking fish especially during the day sessions whilst one angler had a brace of trout one evening last week on a dry fly of his own tying.

The best area at the moment is probably the North Deeps, fishing from Scart to the North Buoy as this covers some very good fish holding water.  The Reed Bower, Gairney and the west point of St Serfs have also produced some good action over the last week.

Water clarity is holding up well considering how far into the summer we are and is currently reading 2.4 meters on the Secchi Disc.  Water temperature has edged higher to 160C (but will have moved higher still during the hotter weather of the last few days). Zooplankton are still showing up in huge numbers at all our sample points which is a really good food source for all year groups of trout.

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