Loch Leven Fishing report – week ending 4th July

Rather like the weather, the fishing on Loch Leven over the last week has been somewhat mixed. Indeed, over the weekend, strong winds made fishing very difficult as the unfortunate Aberdour AC found out although their dogged determination did see them manage to catch a few trout.

On Saturday, which was probably the more difficult of the two days, produced a fine example of Loch Leven ‘newcomer’s luck’!  Pablo Mullings came up from London on a brief visit to see friends and was taken out on the loch for the first time -, you’ve guessed it, he proceeded to catch a superb brownie weighing 5 lbs 13 ozs in about 6 foot of water just inside the Mid Buoy!

First time out on the loch and Pablo Mullings lands this 5 lbs 13 ozs beauty

First time out on the loch and Pablo Mullings lands this 5 lbs 13 ozs beauty

The weather quietened down somewhat yesterday (Monday) and some sensible catches were recorded.  Jeff Lawson & Eck Dewar had 6 fish between them, two of which weighed just over 4 lbs.  Alan Lindsay and pal had 3 fish whilst Alan Campbell had 4, one of which weighed 5 lbs 8 ozs.

Out on his own on Monday evening was Ken Lindsay who is 87 years young and still ties his own flies.  Ken caught and released a lovely 1½ lbs trout on one of his pheasant tail nymphs – well done Ken!

Water clarity has actually slightly improved over the week and stands at just over 2 meters whilst the water temperature is slightly lower at 14.50C thanks to some decidedly chilly night time temperatures (I actually recorded ground frost on one morning last week!).  Zooplankton are prolific all over the loch which is great to see and weed growth has probably now peaked.

Evening fishing is still a bit slow but we are seeing small hatches of Caenis  which have been bringing trout to the surface.

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