Loch Leven Fishing Report – period ending 20th June

Fishing has been a bit patchy on Loch Leven over the last week buy nevertheless there have been some nice fish and indeed baskets recorded.  Last Monday, Jeff Lawson was out with Eck Dewar and they had 6 fish between them, the largest of which caught by Eck weighed 6 lbs 7 ozs.  Then, on Thursday, Alan Smith was out practicing for the SANA semi final the following day and he had 4 fish and ‘contacted’ several more from the North Buoy to Black Wood.  Sadly Alan didn’t convert his information into fish caught on the Friday because he failed to qualify in many a year – obviously getting too old!

The semis on Friday proved very hard going indeed, compounded by a strong to near gale force north to north westerly  accompanied by very low temperatures.  The top qualifier with 3 fish was Ally Middlemas, 2nd place with just one fish (but it did weigh 5 lbs 1 oz) was Billy Neil from Kilmallie AC whilst 3rd place, and final qualifier, was Brian Duffy from Kirkcaldy with one fish weighing 3 lbs 13 ozs.

On Saturday,  Colin McGlone had 4 fish on buzzers whilst the following day, Steven Walker was out with Stuart Moodie and he continued the trend of big fish being caught when he landed a nice one weighing 5 lbs 8 ozs which was weighed and returned.  On Monday, Frank McFarlane had 4 fish on buzzers whilst Joe Brown from Dunfermline had a nice one at 5 lbs 4 ozs and then rose another of seemingly much the same size while fishing east of Scart Island using a home tied Invicta variant.  Joe’s fish were moved at or very close to the surface and he was fishing with a floating line all day!

Steven Walker with a nice brownie weighing 5 lbs 4 ozs

Steven Walker with a nice brownie weighing 5 lbs 4 ozs

Water clarity is holding fairly steady at 2.6 meters  pretty much all over the loch and there is now the first signs of green algae showing up in the water column although as yet only in small amounts.  Water temperature though has dropped sharply down to just 140C courtesy of the persistent north winds and some very chilling spells of rain.  As one would expect for this time of year, Zooplankton are still showing up in big numbers all over the loch.

Evening fishing too has been a little patchy. There have been some nice rises of Caenis which has been good to see but as yet we are still waiting for some hatches of Yellow Owl which normally prompt some good action from brownies.

As you will have gathered, all the usual methods have been working to an extent over the last week when the appropriate conditions have prevailed.  As always, much depends on the conditions on the day as to what best to use and where you should go.  Do please ask us if you want any guidance before you go out as we are only too happy to share what we have gathered from anglers.

Stop Press – Some nice catches have been recorded from anglers out today (Tuesday) but we will save the details for next week’s report!

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