Loch Leven Fishing Report – period ending 6th June

Apart from the gorgeous summer weather, the main feature of last week on Loch Leven has been the number of big fish featuring in anglers’ catch returns.  Seemingly every day, fish of 5 lbs have been landed, a few approaching 6 lbs and the biggest being a cracking one caught by Ian Simpson weighing exactly 7 lbs!

Stuart Moodie with one of the 5 lbs+ trout mentioned above (caught on Sunday)

Stuart Moodie with one of the 5 lbs+ trout mentioned above (caught on Sunday)

As might be expected, the fishing has been quite challenging due to the bright conditions keeping the fish generally deep but nevertheless there has been good levels of activity perhaps due to the near 5oC increase in water temperature to 17oC over the course of the week.

The best method continues to be buzzers but sometimes anglers are having to resort to intermediate lines to get at the feeding trout.  Pulling methods are still accounting for fish but it tends to be harder work pulling a team of flies behind a high density line!

Some nice baskets of trout have been recorded.  Simon Barnes was out on Friday afternoon & evening had 4 nice trout.  Tony Black & Stuart Moodie had 6 fish on buzzers between them on Sunday (all returned) whilst, also out that day, Jim Baxter & Colin McGlone had 5 fish, also on buzzers and also all returned.  Then on Monday, Jeff Lawson was out on his own and had 9 fish on buzzers before the wind blew him off the hot spot just off the Old Manse Bay.

Best areas are probably largely unchanged from last week, namely North Queich to North Buoy, East Buoy, Hole ‘o’ the Inch and the Sluices / Brock’s Hole.  Some of the open water drifts are also worth a try as some big buzzer hatches have been spotted particularly in the South Deeps.

Pike anglers are still catching good numbers of pike – it is so encouraging to see the good early season spell pike anglers have been enjoying this year.

Water clarity is pretty good at 3 meters and the temperature as mentioned earlier now stands at 17oC.  Weed growth is not surprisingly well underway and Zooplankton are still in evidence in huge numbers but are lying much deeper in the water column due to the bright conditions.

Evening fishing is still a little slow but we are just waiting for some decent hatches of Yellow Owl to hopefully tempt the trout up to the surface.

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