Loch Leven Fishing Report – period ending 30th May

The fishing season on Loch Leven has really taken off this past week.  Buzzers have been hatching pretty much all over the loch and the trout have been responding to buzzer methods.  Pulling methods are also working but the often bright conditions mean that fish are tending to hold deep and so high density lines are still usually the order of the day.

The quality and size of the trout being caught is first class.  Some very big trout have been recorded, topped off by a fish weighing 9 lbs 4 ozs caught yesterday (Monday) by Stuart Moodie at the East Buoy.  The fish was caught on a Buzzer on a floating line and safely returned.  Stuart caught another four fish, one of which was estimated at 4 lbs.

Stuart Moodie with a wonderful 9 lbs 4 ozs brown trout caught at East Buoy with a buzzer on floating line

Stuart Moodie with a wonderful 9 lbs 4 ozs brown trout caught at East Buoy with a buzzer on floating line

Modesty prevents me from saying that I think I had a big part in switching the fishing on.  On the spur of the moment, I decided to go out on Friday with Barry Tindell for a couple of hours and we caught 8 fish during that period including a load of others lifted.  That same day, Ewan Clark proceeded then to catch  15 fish, keeping  6 weighing 12 lbs 2 ozs and returned the remaining 9!

Barry Tindell with one of the 8 fish we caught on Friday

Barry Tindell with one of the 8 fish we caught on Friday


Out on Saturday, Ferry Fly Fishers had 30 fish in all for their 4 boats.  Allan Davie, fishing with the Ferry Fly Fishers, was top rod with 3 fish weighing 12 lbs 4 ozs with a further 4 returned.  Andy Young, fishing with the Church Party, had 4 fish weighing 8 lbs 15½ ozs in total with the largest weighing in at 3 lbs 14 ozs.

Kinross AC were out on another club outing on Sunday and had 40 fish for their 6 boats.  Connor Campbell was top rod with 9 fish, all measured and returned.  Barry Tindell (presumably benefitting from all the tips I had given him on Friday!) had the 2 biggest fishing of the club outing with one comfortably over 5 lbs and the biggest estimated at around the 6 lbs mark – however he only had 3 fish in total and so Connor nicked it!!

Jeff Lawson and Eck Dewar had 9 fish between them on Monday whereas Calum Crosbie, out as a single angler that same day, had 6 fish all of which were returned.

Water quality is still good at 3.8 meters and the water temperature is holding at 14.20C at one meter depth. Weed growth is now ‘bouncing along’ [can weed growth really  bounce along?  – Ed].  There is a small amount of blue-green algae present in the water column as is usually the case at this time of year but the biomass is still low.  Zoolpankton is still prolific – indeed they look as though they are probably still increasing in numbers but they are not the easiest thing to count / assess!

Evening fishing is starting to produce some decent results but, when the fish are locked onto a deep and seemingly endless food source, it takes a good hatch of fly to get up up or near to the surface.  I witnessed a nice rise just off St Serfs yesterday evening with a good number of fish showing on the surface and indeed managed to ‘whittle’ one out myself while I was there!

Based on previous experience, the prime pike fishing window should shortly be closing but some nice pike are still being caught particularly around the Factor’s Pier area .

Best areas for trout have been the North Shore from the North Queich to North Buoy, around East Buoy as well as Hole ‘o’ the Inch and the Sluices.

As said previously, there have been some very good hatches taking place already but hopefully we will soon get some good hatches of Yellow Owl as the evenings lengthen which will surely bring some good numbers of fish to the surface and give anglers some good evening sport.

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