Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 22nd May

There have been definite signs of improvement in the fishing over the last week.  At certain times of day and depending on the conditions, fish have been seen on or very close to the surface rather than remaining close to the bottom as they have tended to have done over recent weeks.  For example, Andy Glasgow and pal were out on Sunday fishing just east of St Serfs and, in late afternoon when most other boats had left the area to try a drift closer to home, they decided to stay put.  There was a sudden hatch of fairly small buzzers and up off the bottom came the fish!  They caught (and released) 6 fish in about an hour and lost / touched quite a few more before heading home.

Andrew Glasgow2

Buzzer methods have also been working pretty well.  Jeff Lawson and Eck Dewar had 10 between them on Thursday, all on the Buzzer straight-lined below floating lines.  Pulling methods have been having some success as well but, when pulling flies, anglers are somewhat dependent on the fish reacting to a hatch of fly.

Evening fishing is just beginning to produce some good results.  There have been some good hatches of fly especially when conditions ‘fine down’ and the temperature stays up.  In these conditions, the fish have responded and some encouraging rises of fish have been seen mainly in the open water east of Castle Island and Reed Bower.

Pike fishing has been very good over the last week or so.  Some big pike have been recorded and a significant percentage of those have been taken on the fly.  Interestingly, day time sessions have if anything been more prolific than evening sessions for contacting the pike.  The best areas for pike have been the Graveyard Bank, Alice’s Bower, and between Factor’s Pier and Scart Island.

Two nice pike caught last week - Connor Campbell with one at 25 lbs and 9 year old McKenzie's one tipping the scales at 17 lbs

Two nice pike caught last week – Connor Campbell with one at 25 lbs and 9 year old McKenzie’s one tipping the scales at 17 lbs

Water quality is still very good at 4.2 meters whilst water temperature is now up to 14.50C.  As you might expect, weed growth is now well underway and Zooplankton are now prolific throughout the water column.

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