Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 15th May

Lovely though the current warm, sunny spell has been, the very bright conditions which prevailed most of last week did mean that fishing was quite challenging here on Loch Leven.  It seemed to push the fish down towards the bottom where they were feeding hard and felt little need to come up in the water column in search of mid or top water ‘goodies’.

As far as we are aware, the biggest fish of the week was one estimated at around 5 lbs caught and returned by Paul Donegan.  The best basket was put together by Ian Campbell and Ian Simpson  who had 7 fish between them all on Buzzers.

Gil Farid out with East Kilbride AC had this nice 3 lbs 12 ozs brownie off St Serfs

Gil Farid out with East Kilbride AC had this nice 3 lbs 12 ozs brownie off St Serfs

The condition factor of fish caught suggests that they do have a huge supply of food available to them at the moment and the few fish kept are proving to be full of snails and buzzers.

Big hatches of small buzzers have been appearing all week – in fact we have seen the biggest fly hatches on the loch for 2 or 3 seasons and this appears to be in keeping with reports from pretty much all over.

Pike fishing is doing well at the moment and some very nice pike have been landed on all recognise methods including the ‘fly’.

Water clarity is still very good at just over 4 meters whilst water temperature at the 3 foot mark stands at 13.50C which is 60C higher than it was just a fortnight ago!  Zooplankton are very prolific at the moment all over the loch and provide and are providing a huge food source for all age groups of trout.  Weed growth is now very much underway as the weather warms (and brightens) up.

As the season opens up, the fish will hopefully come off the huge food source they have been on over the winter months and instead move up the water column which should then give anglers a fighting chance of some good sport.

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