Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 8th May

At long last, the weather has shown signs of warming up in quite a significant way.  Recent days have seen bright sunshine and temperatures reaching almost 200C.  Whilst bright sunshine is not particularly helpful to anglers, the nice warm weather at least makes fishing on the loch a much more pleasant experience than has been the case over recent weeks.

Fishing at the moment, probably as a result of the sunny weather, is still a bit tricky.  The fish seem to be totally preoccupied with a food source very deep in the water column, if not actually on the bottom.  Buzzers fished very deep and almost static if possible appear to offer the best chance of a fish in these bright conditions.

However, just to prove that fish can be caught ‘pulling’, Brian Mackenzie and Tom Burnett had 15 fish (all returned) on various drifts on Saturday in a pretty fresh easterly wind.  Ally Wells also had 5 fish on Saturday while drifting along the drop offs between Levenmouth to the Narrow Neck pulling lures.  Earlier, on Friday, Jim Baxter had 8 very nice fish including 2 estimated at around 4lbs and one at 5 lbs.  Jim caught his fish on Buzzers just off the Sluices.

On Sunday, the current Scotland Youth team were out and enjoyed some hard earned and well deserved success – Blair O’Donnell from Cumbernauld had a brownie at 5 lbs 8 ozs whilst Jordan Queen from Johnstone had one at 4 lbs 8 ozs.  I am sure the boys will do well in their forthcoming international match in Ireland and we wish them well.

Willie conveniently omitted from his draft report that he was also out on Sunday on a Kinross Angling Club outing and took all the points with 3 fish – there is life in the old dog yet!

Water quality / clarity at the moment is very good with clarity now standing at 4 meters.  It is being somewhat compromised by huge quantities of Zooplankton in the water column.  The water temperature has risen sharply in the warm sunshine to stand at about 140C at the surface and the all-important weed growth is now starting up.

Pike fishing is now doing quite well. Rod McLennan and pal were out early this morning (Tuesday) and had 9 pike with a top weight of 18 lbs.  It is nice to see the presence of pike again in the loch as they are generally a very good indicator of suitable water quality for all the fresh water fish species including perch.

Heading out this morning before sunrise

Heading out this morning before sunrise

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