Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 1st May

Once again, there was not a great deal of evidence of warmer spring like weather here last week.  We actually woke up to 2 inches of snow on Friday morning but thankfully it had mostly gone by the end of day, only to be replaced by a strong NE wind which made life challenging for anglers over the weekend.

Water clarity is actually now very good but the water temperature on Saturday morning was 7.50C – drop of 2 degrees over the course of the week which just shows how chilly it has been.

Some of the hardy souls who did venture out have caught nice fish.  Peter Cameron and Paul Donegan had 3 fish on Saturday, all returned and all reported to be in excellent condition.  The biggest fish was caught by Peter (pictured below) and was estimated to be a ‘comfortable’ 6 lbs.  Stuart Moodie was also out on Saturday and had 4 fish, again all returned. Stuart caught his fish at the Mid Buoy.

Peter Cameron with a very nice looking brownie

Peter Cameron with a very nice looking brownie

Pike anglers are having mixed success.  Kenny Johnstone and pal had 6 on Sunday morning before the wind became too strong.  The biggest was estimated at 12 lbs and all 6 pike were caught on the fly.  Having kicked off the week on Monday with a 25 pounder, as reported in the Stop Press in last week’s report, Rod McLennan was out again on Sunday and caught 3 more, two on the fly and one on a spun lure.  Most of the pike are being contacted on the drop offs from Alice’s Bower north to the Clay Hills bank.

Best areas for contacting trout are Reed Bower, Mid and East Buoys, Hole ‘o’ the Inch and just south of Roy’s Folly, all of which seem to be producing fish.

Buzzer methods are still worth a try but pulling methods just at the moment seem to be probably the best bet.  Silver or gold Sparklers, Dunkeld, Kate McLaren and various Snatchers are all worth a try.

Looking out of the window, the weather is still cold, wet and very blustery but thankfully the weather forecast for the coming week indicates that we may be in line for some welcome warmer conditions.  A bit of warmth will hopefully see increased activity from the trout, particularly if this is accompanied as it should be by some good fly hatches.

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