Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 24th April

As seems to be the case most years, April has been throwing pretty much everything at us weather-wise, from heavy snow showers and quite hard overnight frosts to the rather benign weather we had on Sunday which was a lovely day to be out with anglers having to remove a layer to stay comfortable.

The fishing has been a bit patchy with some anglers getting managing to catch a few fish on Buzzers whilst others are having some success on flies fished sub surface – actually, very ‘sub surface’ in most cases!  Out on Thursday, Ian Simpson had 3 very good trout on Buzzers, two of which weighing about 1½ lbs and 3 lbs respectively were returned and one beauty weighing 4 lbs 14 ozs was taken home for the pot!

On Saturday, Brian Mackenzie & Tom Burnett had 6 fish between them ranging from 1½ lbs up to 5 lbs.  All these fish were quickly weighed and carefully returned.  Sunday saw local club Kinross AC out for the first time this season and they managed 11 trout for their 6 boats.  Top rod was Ally Middlemas with 2 fish.  Ally was last year’s Club Champion and so it looks as though the club members will have to watch out for him again this season!  Also on that club outing was Andy Menmuir who caught this nice fish in the photo below.

Nice looking fish caught by Andy Menmuir "at the Gabions and stuffed full of fry"

Nice looking fish caught by Andy Menmuir “at the Gabions and stuffed full of fry”

Stop Press for pike anglers out there – it looks as though things are kicking off because Rod McLellan was out on Monday and had 3 pike, the largest of which weighed over 25 lbs.  There is usually a window for pike fisherman which lasts from now until early June when the weed beds have grown to the extent that they offer pike a concealed habitat in which to roam, making them harder to catch.

Rod McLellan with the 25 lbs pike he caught on Monday

Rod McLellan with the 25 lbs pike he caught on Monday

As mentioned earlier, Buzzer methods are working well when conditions are suitable.  Equally, pulling we flies in the form of Sparklers, mini lures, peraly bodied Invicta and Kate McLaren are all worth a try.  Fishing DI7 lines when the temperature is low as is the case at the moment is probably the best bet but things can and will change.

Water clarity is much improved over the last week and now stands at 3 meters using the Secchi Disc but water temperature is still a pretty chilly 90C.

The trout that are being caught this season are almost all in superb condition and are giving a very good account of themselves when hooked.  So when everything comes together as hopefully it will soon, we should see some nice fishing, hopefully a bit closer to the surface.

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One Response to Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 24th April

  1. Drew Simpson says:

    Well done Rod, you thoroughly deserved that fish. I and countless nineteen pounders should know. Nice quasi-military hat by the way.

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