Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 10th April

It is always a joy when a new season kicks off, even if it means cajoling Willie into action and start producing the fishing reports for the blog once again!

As usual, a new season kicked on Loch Leven fairly slowly with only a few intrepid anglers prepared to venture out until conditions warm up a bit.  The water is still very cold at 7.5oC which tends to mean activity below the surface is somewhat subdued.  Water clarity at the moment is 1.4 metres due to the presence of background diatoms (algae) in the water but that is totally normal until we get the spring build up of Zooplankton (Daphnia and Cyclops) which it is encouraging to see are already in evidence this early in the season if not as yet in any great quantities.  What is interesting is that, despite being so early in the season, we have already had some good early hatches of both olive and black Buzzers.

Despite only a few boats having ventured out to date, there have already been some very nice fish caught.  Rob Walls was out yesterday with Rod McLennan and had a lovely fish weighing 5 lbs 13 ozs which was weighed and returned whilst Rod had one at 3 lbs.  Brian Mackenzie and Tom Burnett had 6 fish in total between them, all of which were returned.  They estimated that the smallest of their 6 fish weighed about 2 ½ lbs whilst the largest was over 4 lbs – a very nice early season ‘basket’ of brown trout!  All these fish were caught using Buzzers which is pretty early for that particular method to be effective here.

Rab Walls with a 5 lbs 13 ozs brownie caught at the Hole 'o' the Inch on a buzzer

Rab Walls with a 5 lbs 13 ozs brownie caught at the Hole ‘o’ the Inch on a buzzer

The Hole ‘o’ the Inch along to the Old Leven Mouth is where most of the action took place but hopefully, as Buzzer hatches increase, other areas of the loch will start coming into play.  It is just a bit too early in the season to predict with any degree of confidence what lies ahead for us but early indications are certainly encouraging.

The condition factor and fighting quality of all the trout caught so far has been excellent which suggests that the fish have had good food availability throughout most if not all the recent winter months.

There have been a few pike caught already which again is quite early for here.  Normally we would expect pike fishing to pick up towards the end of this month (April)  and continue through to early June by which time the weed beds will be becoming established and the pike retreat into them to hunt their prey.



Loch Leven Pairs Classic 2016

As announced a little while ago, we have decided to resurrect the old Loch Leven Classic Pairs which will take place over 2 days in June (Friday 10th & Saturday 11th). There will be cash prizes totalling £1000 for the first 3 pairs and the anglers catching the 2 biggest fish plus other prizes. We have also located a wonderful old trophy which will be polished up and presented to the winning pair.

The competition will take place over 2 sessions: Friday afternoon & evening (2pm – 11pm) and Saturday day session (10am – 6pm)

Entries are invited from any 2 anglers wishing to enter as a pair with an entry fee per pair of £150. Number of entries limited by the size of our fleet of boats and there are only a few still available – so don’t delay getting your entry in if you are interested.

To enter, you can download the Loch Leven Classic Pairs 2016 Entry Form .  Any questions, phone Michael Wilson on 07894 899 532



Online Booking

We have tried to make things even easier for you to book a boat this season by launching an online booking system through iBookfishing.

  • It is designed to be accessible through your phone, tablet (iPad), laptop or desktop pc and is simple to use.
  • Once you have entered your details the first time, it should remember them when you next log in to book.
  • You can quickly see if there are any boats available for the date you wish to fish and you can choose to book boats for early morning, day or evening sessions.
  • There are no booking charges and full payment as usual is only taken on the day at the pier (not online).

You can access the online booking system by

  1. Clicking on the BOOK A BOAT tab in the navigation bar at the top of this blog
  2. Click on the BOOK NOW button on our Facebook page on our cover photo at the top
  3. Go direct to http://www.ibookfishing.com/booking/Loch-Leven and bookmark as a favorite


For the not-so-techie minded, the following numbers in order of preference can be phoned

  1. The Fishery Mobile (Michael Wilson) on 07894 899532 – texts to that number are good too.
  2. The Fishery Shed at the Pier 01577 865386
  3. The Green Hotel Reservations team 01577 863467

or finally Email: info@fishlochleven.co.uk


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