Loch Leven Fishing Report – period ending 5th October 2015

So that’s it – another brown trout season finished at Loch Leven. It has to be said that September has been a disappointing month in terms of fish caught although, frustratingly, plenty of fish have been seen on the surface during that time all over the loch.

Our traditional season-ending Loch Leven Championship took place on Saturday and all credit to the anglers who took part because we ended up with a very good result. All might well have been different if I hadn’t had to take to my bed with a serious case of ‘Man Flu’ on Saturday because I was quietly confident that this was going to be my year! However, in my absence, Stan Headley was crowned Loch Leven Champion 2015 with 4 fish. In 2nd place was Stevie O’Neill with 3 fish and in 3rd place was Graeme Connolly who also had 3 fish (in the Loch Leven Championship, trout are measured by length rather than weight and all are then released).

Stan Headley receiving the Loch Leven Championship trophy

Stan Headley receiving the Loch Leven Championship trophy

Instead of heaviest fish, a prize goes to the angler catching the Longest Fish and this year the bottle of whisky went to Connor Campbell with a cock fish measuring 550mm which we reckon would have weighed approx 3 ¼ lbs. In the end, it was a nicely symmetrical result with the 35 anglers taking part catching 35 fish between them. Judging by how difficult September had been, that was a pleasing result.

I will compile a full season report in due course once the ‘dust has settled’ on this season and we have all the boats safely out of the water. I will also give an update on the feeder streams in the catchment area which we monitor because the trout will be running these just as soon as we get a bit of water in the system Hopefully we will get the conditions for a good breeding season.

Finally, a big thank you from all of us at the Fishery to all our many loyal anglers who fish Loch Leven with great diligence during the season. Fishing for wild brown trout can be demanding enough but Loch Leven, with its size and now very rich ecosystem, often takes this to new levels. However, hopefully you will agree that when your diligence and tactics pay off and you successfully land a Loch Leven brownie, the time spent in diligent pursuit is amply rewarded because there is no doubt in our minds that the quality and condition of the fish are as good as they have been in living memory here at Loch Leven. It is wonderful to see how the loch has recovered over the last 2 decades and that we now have a viable wild brown trout fishery again here in Central Scotland. Tight lines!

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2 Responses to Loch Leven Fishing Report – period ending 5th October 2015

  1. Stan Headley says:

    I was shaking in my boots at the start, but when someone told me you weren’t competing, Willie, I knew I was in with a chance. 🙂

  2. John black says:

    What size and colour of buzzers for leven

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