Loch Leven Fishing Report – period ending 21st September

Although the fishing has been pretty quiet over the last week on Loch Leven, there is action still being found close to the drop offs and along the weed beds. Fish are still chasing and feeding heavily on fry which are prolific in the loch at the moment.

Anglers are still though managing to lure a fish or two. Indeed, on Sunday, fish were only just sub surface and were being contacted pretty regularly to a fair selection of methods and flies.

No really big fish have been reported to us this week as having been caught but a fair number have been seen splashing around waiting to take part in the spawning activities in the burns. All fish being caught are still in excellent condition as we have come to expect but the mature brood stock, especially the male fish, are now beginning to colour up.

The best areas are still the open water around the Reed Bower, all along the weed beds, particularly those along the south shore of St Serfs, Gairney Mouth to Dog Island area. East and Mid Buoys are also still worth a visit.

Traditional flies are still to the fore, as are some of the smaller lures in various colours are all working such as gold, silver black & green.

The water clarity has improved slightly to 1.4 meters and the water temperature at 140C is very comfortable for the fish.

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