Loch Leven Fishing report – period ending 1st September

Not much change really – very good numbers of fish seen on the surface, feeding presumably on the huge shoals of perch fry and stickleback, but at the same time proving very tricky to catch. Good numbers of Corixa are now active around the weed beds which is also keeping the trout occupied.

The south shore of St Serfs and the stretch from Cavelstone to Carden Point are both reportedly holding a lot of fish, with some very big specimens among them. The weed beds down at The Sluices are also supporting huge numbers of fry which are keeping the fish on the move.

Zooplankton is still prolific all over the loch which is providing a great food supply for the fish, particularly for the newly recruited juveniles which do require a high protein food supply to kick start their new lives in the loch.

Water quality remains at about 1.2 meters courtesy of a high count of background algae whilst the water temperature has settled at 14.5oC.

The weed beds have now probably peaked in size and will now start to shrink. This can often prove beneficial to anglers as it tends to concentrate the fish that feed in these areas. The water in the Shallows (inside the marker buoys) is much clearer and we think this is because the large amount of weed that carpets these areas competes with the algae, using up the available nutrients. With the slightly clearer water, these areas are certainly worth a try.

Fry imitations such as Silver or Pearly Invicta, Alexandra and Humongous are well worth giving a go as well as all the usual traditional flies.

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