Loch Leven Fishing Report – period ending 13th July

The fishing on Loch Leven over the last week hasn’t changed much since the previous period.  Fish are being found at or near the surface but are proving somewhat finicky and are prone to being ‘available’ on one drift and then hard to contact on the next run over that very same water.

A prime example was reported on Sunday evening when Alan Smith was drifting over the bank at East Buoy.  He caught and released 4 good fish and tried to repeat that same drift and only contacted one other fish second time around.  He then travelled back to the mouth of the South Queich and caught another 3 lovely fish just on dusk.

Willie the Ghillie himself out fishing at dusk

Willie the Ghillie himself out fishing at dusk

Day fishing has been a bit patchy but Rab Wells was out on Friday and had 6 fish, all but one of which he returned, that one weighing 4 lbs 4 ozs.  Jeff Lawson & Eck Dewar also had 7 fish between them on Friday, 3 of which they kept weighing a total of 6 lbs 4 ozs.  Out on an early morning session, Brian Kerr had a nice fish of 4 lbs 2 ozs and returned a further two.

Water clarity is holding up very well considering the time of year and currently stands at 3.4 meters on the Secchi disc.  The water temperature is also stable at a relatively comfortable level of 17.5oC.  Zooplankton are still prolific, providing a steady and highly nutritious food source for all year groups of fish but in particular the recently recruited juveniles which are now starting to show in the open water drifts.  As reported previously, weed growth is now fully established and fish will be patrolling these areas looking for food such as Corixa and the now hatching perch and stickleback fry.

Fish can be found on pretty much any of the recognised drifts and, depending on wind direction and strength, you will find (hopefully!) some taking fish – best to ask us at the Pier before setting off where fish are thought to be holding that day.

Frustratingly, the big summer hatches of Yellow Owl still don’t appear as yet to be happening in any great numbers but we remain ever hopefully as these usually bring some good rises of trout.


For those who are coming to fish

at Loch Leven, you should be aware that a section of the High Street in Kinross is closed for the next few weeks and the normal access down Pier Road is unavailable.  To come to the Pier, you now need to do is follow the yellow diversion signposts to LOCHLEVEN ATTRACTIONS which will take those travelling from the north or west down past Sainsburys and along the ring road to the southern end of the town.  From there you travel north up the High Street until diverted right into Sandport.  See the map below.

It is a thorough nuisance for everyone but we are just going to have to put up with the inconvenience until the works are completed.  Our apologies.

Map showing road closure and temporary diversion route to the Pier

Map showing road closure and temporary diversion route to the Pier

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