Loch Leven Fishing report – period ending 2nd June

Virtually all week, weather conditions on Loch Leven have worked against those intrepid anglers who have ventured out in a persistently strong westerly wind.  In spite of the very testing conditions, the fishing has been trying hard to perform!  Out on Saturday, Peter Cameron and friend Paul were out fishing with Rowbank AC and had a fairly remarkable 24 fish between them, most of which were duly returned.  They were fishing mostly between the Cavelstone Strip and Roy’s Folly.  Also on Saturday, Gartmore AC had 10 fish, 4 of which were kept weighing up to 3 lbs 2 ozs.

Last Sunday, Kinross AC were out in particularly windy conditions and had 29 fish between their 6 boats, all bar 6 of which were returned.  Earlier in the week, on the Wednesday evening, Alan Ramsay and friend from Peebles had 4 good fish, the best of which weighed in at 5 lbs 5 ozs fishing just off the north side of the Sluices and their most successful fly was the Coch Y Bonddu.

Best areas remain much the same as last week, namely Hole ‘o’Inch, Roy’s Folly, the north side of Castle Island and the North Shore from Green Isle to Old Manse Bay.  The open water drifts have perhaps quietened down somewhat although I suspect that is largely due to the strong winds.

Again, the best flies too are little changed from before – small Sparklers and traditional patterns are all working and, of course when conditions have been favourable, Buzzers have been working very well.

Water clarity is still pretty good in spite of everything being churned up by the strong winds, although it has dropped a little from last week to just over 3 metres.  The water temperature is still a bit low for the time of year at around 13oC.  Weed growth is becoming prolific in all the usual places which, as mentioned in the past, is so important for the well-being of all aquatic life in the loch – and in particular for our brown trout!

As we have now entered ‘Flaming June’, hopefully the weather will settle down and we can enjoy some more settled conditions for fishing.  Although, at the time of writing this, blustery conditions continue seemingly unabated, the forecast of later this week looks much quieter and indeed warmer even if we miss out on the predicted heat wave that will settle over the south of the country. Warmer conditions and less wind should allow us to see whether some promising signs about the evening fishing are actually fulfilled as we get some good fly hatches.

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