Loch Leven Fishing report – period ending 25th May

Despite the often breezy conditions on Loch Leven over the last week, there has been some really good fishing with some excellent baskets being taken, mainly on buzzer methods.  Some cracking fish have also been recorded.  For example yesterday (Monday 25th), Ewan Clark had a fish weighing 6 lbs 13 ozs which was just one of the 26 fish in total which he caught  and which nearly all of which were released.  They were all caught on buzzers in the Hole ‘o’ the Inch.  Also out yesterday, Greig Davey had a fish weighing 6 lbs 2 ozs which is one of 5 that he and Steven Rougvie had in their boat.

Greig Davey with a cracking Loch Leven brownie weighing 6lbs 2 ozs

Greig Davey with a cracking Loch Leven brownie weighing 6lbs 2 ozs

Last Saturday, Stuart Moodie had 26 fish which he then followed up with a further 18 yesterday – 44 fish in twp outings, all on buzzers and all returned, which is some performance.  It was also lovely to see Rosyth Civil Service AC recording 37 fish on Saturday between their 5 boats and it was a small payback for the club’s loyalty over recent years when catches have been harder to come by.  Finally Mr Scott had 5 fish out in the open water, drifting along the north shore with low density lines and traditional flies – so it was not all about buzzers!

It is always nice for anglers to see big fish – and there certainly seem to be good numbers of these fine specimens making appearances at the moment – but we as a fishery are really encouraged that all age groups of fish are well represented in catches at the moment.  Indeed, the vast majority of fish being caught are just either side of the one pound mark which is what you would expect and indeed hope for in a wild brown trout fishery.  Almost without exception, these fish look to be in wonderful condition.

Water clarity is still very good at just on 4 metres and the water temperature has edged up to 13oC.  Weed growth is just getting underway and I expect it to make regular appearances in future reports because it has become a real feature of the loch over recent years.  Zooplankton is prolific in the water column and is a great food source for the juvenile trout as well as keeping algae well under control.

Evening fishing looks encouraging with some nice rises of fish to some early season Yellow Owl (aka Curly Bums or Curly Andrews).  When the wind does eventually calm down, and as long as it doesn’t switch to the east, we would expect some good evening fishing.

At the moment, fish are being found all over the loch but the Hole ‘o’ the Inch is definitely the hot spot for buzzer fishing .  The persistent high winds have largely kept boats away from the open water drifts where we know there are good numbers of fish available.

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