Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 21st September

Over the course of the last week, shoals of fry have become far more conspicuous and the brownies have turned their attention to ‘bashing’ these shoals hard at times.  As you would expect, some big fish have been showing but they have been seemingly preoccupied with the fry and wary of anglers’ offerings.

Alan Smith had the week’s biggest fish to our knowledge, estimated at comfortably over 5 lbs (Alan returned the fish).  It was a mature cock fish in breeding colours which was puzzling as it was caught east of St Serf’s Island which is about as far away from the various burn mouths as it could possibly have been!

Not surprisingly, fry patterns are probably your best bet at the moment.  Peter Ross variants, Alexandra, Dunkeld and teal blue & silver or indeed any  teal winged fly with silver or pearly body are worth a try.  Snatchers, Dabblers & Muddlers, when fished in the open water, are also still working.

Fish feeding on fry have been found all along the south shore from Cavelstone Strip to Carden Point.  The area east of St Serfs all the way to Old Levenmouth saw a lot of fry feeders on Tuesday & Friday whilst the South Deeps from Reed Bower to St Serfs is also showing up well.  The burn mouths are also holding good numbers of fish in anticipation of water to run up and spawn – judging by the settled weather pattern currently overhead, they may have a bit longer to wait!

Water temperature is still holding at 14oC which is comfortable for the fish.  Clarity is also unchanged at 1.5 metres with quite a bit of background algae present in the water column.

With the end of the season approaching, fry feeders should continue to be a factor up until then as they normally continue with their fun until the water temperature drops away.  It is very exciting to watch some of these big fish in amongst the large shoals of small fry because one never knows when they might be tempted by one of our imitation patterns!

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