Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 14th September

There have been some pretty big fish being seen by anglers over the past week here at Loch Leven and, judging by the splashes made, some must have been pretty hefty indeed!  Some nice ones have been caught as well.  Bill Sawright, fishing with Loanhead & District AC, had a good fish weighing 3 lbs 4¼ ozs on a Claret Bumble fly in the Mid Deeps.  Sandy Lyon (I hope I have the correct name!) was out with the Good Companions AC and had a lovely brownie at 3 lbs 12 ozs just off the South Queich on a Kee Hee.

Bill Sawright with his 3 lbs 7 1/4 ozs brownie (thanks to Brian Young for the photo)

Bill Sawright with his 3 lbs 7 1/4 ozs brownie (thanks to Brian Young for the photo)

Biggest fish of the week, as far as we know, was caught, weighed and released by Scott McGregor.  It tipped the scales at 5 lbs 13 ozs and was taken on a green tailed Kate McLaren Muddler off Carden Bay using a DI3 line.  This fish was one of three caught by Scott and he reckoned that he lost another at least as big as the one mentioned above.  Scott was fishing with the Rescobie AC from the Forfar area.

Scott McGregor with his 5 lbs 13 ozs beauty

Scott McGregor with his 5 lbs 13 ozs beauty

The weather over the past week has been extremely calm and at times bright, meaning that conditions for angling on the loch have not perhaps been ideal for brown trout fishing.  The flies mentioned already give an indication of the fly patterns that were proving most effective.  Dabblers and Snatchers in fiery brown or claret were also working and some fry patterns were well worth a try as fish are now showing more around the large weed beds particularly all along the south shore from Carden Point to Cavelstone Strip.  All the buoys on the main drop off at the shallows are holding good numbers of fish, as is the south side of St Serfs.

Water temperature has remained much the same as last week at just below 15oC.  There are quite a lot of mainly background algae in the top 4-5 feet of the water column which means that water clarity has remained around the 1.5 metre mark.

Big fish are likely to remain a feature in catches right up to the end of the season on Loch Leven but small fish are still around in good numbers and, as I have said often in previous reports, they are a joy to see – for us at the fishery anyway!

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