Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 27th July

The very warm, sunny weather over the last week has seen temperatures on a number of days peaking at around 29oC.  That in turn has seen the water temperatures in the Loch rise sharply, with the top 2 foot layer reaching 21oC which is pretty uncomfortable for the fish, tending to push them into deeper water.

On Tuesday, before the onset of the really warm spell of weather, Jeff Lawson & Eck Dewar had 13 fish, all on buzzers.  They kept in 4 of those fish for the pot, all in the 1 – 1½ lbs range and their condition was a joy to see.  An examination of the stomach contents revealed a mixture of pin fry, snail, corixa and midge larvae. It goes without saying that day time angling became an awful lot trickier after that as the sun shone brightly.

Evening fishing however has been producing some good fish around last light when conditions have cooled down.  Small fish are again very active on the surface which, whilst very encouraging to see, can be very frustrating for anglers looking to hook something more substantial!

As is so often the case at this time of year, algal blooms have become established pretty much all over the open water which has resulted in water clarity dropping to 1.4 metres but there are some indications that these algal blooms may have already peaked.  Weed growth too has peaked and some of the big shoreline weed beds are now attracting some nice fish which are probably feeding on the huge amount of fry now present in the loch.

Long drifts in the open water are working best at the moment, especially in the evening sessions.  The south shore of St Serfs to Carden Bay is reported to be holding good numbers of fish.  We are still not seeing many big hatches of Yellow Owl although some very sizable  hatches of Silverhorn Sedge have been taking place but these do not seem to have been sufficiently attractive to cause the trout to rise in large numbers.

Small traditional flies (ie 12s & 14s) have been catching fish – all the Snatchers, Dabblers and, when the wind is up, Muddlers.

PS – sorry it is so late!

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