Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 20th July 2014

Historically, July has often proved a real challenge for anglers on Loch Leven and July this year has continued in a similar vein. At times, it has certainly been difficult but then along comes some bumper sessions which get our attention.  That was very much the case here last week.

Fish are to be found in the evening sessions very close to the surface and, for the first time this season, they have been chasing traditional flies!  But Buzzers are also still working as Jeff Lawson and Eck Dewar proved last Tuesday when they had 25 fish between them, nearly all returned, during a combined day & evening session.  Just to prove it was no isolated ‘spike’, the two of them also had 10 fish during the day session on Thursday.

Jeff Lawson and Eck Dewar with 2 of the 23 fish they caught

Jeff Lawson and Eck Dewar with 2 of the 23 fish they caught

It has been encouraging to report that there have been some pretty good catches recorded by evening boats during the week.  Out on Friday evening, Kinross AC had 23 fish in their 5 boats.  They posted this report on our Facebook page that evening:

“Cracking night on Leven. Kinross Ac had 23 fish for 12 anglers. Even Donald [McLaren] caught 3! This one pictured [below] is 500 mm and weighed 3 lbs 7 ozs and took a Kate. The winner was Ally Middlemas with 5 for 1760mm. Most fish were caught in the mid deeps and south deeps area on top of the water tactics however 2 boats ventured to Dunlop bay including Stan Headley and found a large number of taking fish. One Lochgelly boat had 11 fish once they eventually ventured out from the quiet water. Well done Archie and Stevie.”

Michael Wilson with his 3 lbs 7 ozs brownie taken during the Kinross AC outing

Michael Wilson with his 3 lbs 7 ozs brownie taken during the Kinross AC outing

Rab Walls was out on Saturday afternoon and evening and had 6 fish but reported returning a whole load more, many of which were undersized.  Out on Sunday evening, Alistair Middlemass and David Bowie had 10 fish above the qualifying size limit and several more below it.

Congratulations too to Nadine Jarvis who sent us in a photo of her first fish caught on Loch Leven which she got on Saturday evening. It was a beautiful brownie weighing 2 lbs 4 ozs – not a bad way at all to kick off your account here (and she only started fishing a year ago!).

Nadine Jarvis's maiden Loch Leven brownie - a 2 lbs 4 ozs beauty

Nadine Jarvis’s maiden Loch Leven brownie – a 2 lbs 4 ozs beauty

Best areas still seem to be the open water drifts between Reed Bower, Mid Buoy and Point of St Serfs. The other productive areas holding good numbers of fish have been along the south shore of St Serfs and off the east end of Cavelstone Strip.

As mentioned earlier, traditional flies such a Kate McLaren, Pearly Invicta, Yellow Owl, Hopper and Black Pennel have all been working, as have all the many Snatcher variants.

The recent fine weather has seen the water clarity dip somewhat to just over 2 metres pretty much all over the loch whilst water temperature is now very high at 19.50C. If this weather continues as it looks as though it might for a while, I would expect to see some more good evening fishing, particularly if conditions are favourable (dull with a bit of a breeze) whilst day fishing should continue to produce fish.

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