Loch Leven Fishing Report – fortnight ending 13th July 2014

Fishing has continued to be fairly challenging over the last week or so – there are fish being seen often in large numbers but they are proving difficult to actually catch.  The main reason, particularly during the evening sessions, has been the continuing lack of good fly hatches. When small localised hatches have occurred, the fish have indeed responded in those areas but, as is so often the case on Loch Leven, it has been a question of being in the right place at the right time.

The Friday evening before last, for instance, some  nice catches were recorded.  Kinross AC had 3 boats out and recorded 14 fish caught, measured & released.  That same evening, Ally Wells was out fishing on his own and had 8 fish, most of which were caught around the Reed Bower where a reasonable hatch of flies were ‘up’.  More recently, evening fishing has been showing some encouraging signs of picking up.  Last Saturday evening, Alistair Middlemass and David Bowie had 6 fish between them, ranging from 2 lbs down to ¾ lb, as well as numerous fish under the 10” limit.  Stephen Rougvie and Greig Davie, out on Sunday evening, had 4 fish with the best weighing 3 lbs 2 ozs and the other 3 between there and 1 lb (all returned).

John Spittal with a 3 lbs 13 ozs trout caught at dusk off the Reed Bower

John Spittal with a 3 lbs 13 ozs trout caught at dusk off the Reed Bower

Day fishing is traditionally pretty tough on Loch Leven in July but Stuart Moodie did have 4 good fish on buzzers at the Point of St Serfs the week before last (sorry – no report that week).  Mr Henderson had 4 fish, the best estimated at over 4 lbs, at Reed Bower.  Alistair Middlemass (again) had 1 fish when out that week but lost another estimated to be in the 7-8 lbs range – this fish was twice out well into the backing and eventually broke his cast (and his heart!).

Water clarity remains good at just on 3 metres and, although there is algae in the water column in areas of the loch, counts remain low for this time of the year.  There is a thought that the prodigious areas of weed throughout the loch are helping to supress algae to an extent.  Weed growth has probably now peaked for the season but there are now some very nice looking shore line weed beds which are now established and which should provide a good environment for all sorts of trout food including fry which are in abundance in the loch at the moment.

As you might expect, open water drifts are doing best at the moment, with the area from Reed Bower east to St Serfs holding fish.  Some small hatches of buzzer have been seen along the north shore from Green Isle to Old Manse Bay, so hopefully we may see a rise of fish in that area sometime soon.

Buzzers are working when conditions are favourable but traditional flies fished using low density lines are now beginning to take fish especially in the evening.



As announced on our Facebook page, we have launched a Special Weekday Promotion whereby boats can be booked at a flat rate of £30 for the Day Session (10am – 6 pm). This compares with our normal boat charge of £48.

Until now, Single Anglers have been charged £30 for a boat but our new promotion now proposes that same £30 charge for a boat regardless of whether there are 1, 2 or 3 anglers in the boat. Whilst that may seem a little unfair on Single Anglers, it is worth noting that the Fishery’s costs per boat let are to all intents and purposes exactly the same whether there is 1angler in the boat, or 2 or 3.  Single anglers have actually had a pretty good deal up until now and they are not going to be any worse off – it just makes far more sense to fish now with a pal!

This offer covers the day session (10 am – 6 pm) Monday – Friday only.  Weekend charges remain the same.

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One Response to Loch Leven Fishing Report – fortnight ending 13th July 2014

  1. Ernie Baglow says:

    Its worth £30 just to cruise aboot in the Boat!

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