Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 1st June 2014

Loch Leven has been up to its usual tricks with visiting anglers over the last week.  On occasions, for no obvious reason, fishing was quite difficult whilst on others it fished really well.  But what else should you expect from a wild brown trout fishery?  It is meant to be challenging but, if you happen to be in the right place at the right time with the right flies etc, hugely rewarding.

Buzzers have probably been by a small margin the best bet of late but fish are also being caught using pulling methods.  Certainly, fish are being seen and caught in pretty much all of the recognised drifts which is very encouraging indeed.

The evening fishing has also coming along with some nice hatches of various sizes buzzers seen mainly on the open water drifts.  As the season progresses, we would expect some good evening sport.

The best areas remain pretty much the same as last week, namely along the bank from North Buoy to East Buoy, Reed Bower, Cavelstone Strip. West & East Points of St Serfs and Brock’s Hole.  All have been working well in the right conditions.

Traditional flies, especially all of the various Snatcher variants now being ‘invented’, are working well.  The olive and claret Dabblers have also been catching trout, even when fished sub surface.  The Buzzer patterns to consider are olive, plain black, black & red and the good old stalwart, Diawl Bach.

Some of the best baskets last week were taken on Buzzers either from a drifting boat or from a static (anchored) boat.  Jeff Lawson & Alec Dewar had 12 fish on Friday, all on Buzzers.  Also on Friday, Stuart Moodie had 11 fish while out on his own  and, separately, Ally Middlemass had 5 – most of these fish were caught on Buzzers but some were caught on various traditional flies pulled behind various line densities.  On Saturday, Ewan Clark (and Harry) had 12 fish out at the North Buoy which is the first really good catch from the north of the loch this season.

There were no really big fish caught last week but numerous anglers reported seeing some hefty specimens jumping about – just to whet the appetite!

Despite the presence of some algae in the water column, water clarity remains good at 3.5 metres and the water temperature has edged higher to 16.50C.  Weed growth is now fairly vigorous

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2 Responses to Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 1st June 2014

  1. Erik says:

    Allan i think barry has my old phone number if you fancy a day out on the loch my new number is 07876012606 erik

  2. Loch Leven is a great spot, I generally use traditional flies which I also find to work very well!

    Great post!

    – Gav

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