Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 25th May 2014

The best way probably to describe the fishing last week on Loch Leven is one of mixed fortunes.  However, there were some really good fish caught.  First of all, it is probably just nipping back to the previous week, Thursday 15th to be exact, where Jack Soutar had 3 tremendous fish – we didn’t get the report until the following week.  Jack’s biggest fish weighed 7 lbs 7 ozs, with 2 further fish weighing 4 lbs 4 ozs and 3 lbs 5 ozs, giving a total combined weight of 15 lbs!!

Moving on to last week, SANA held one of their prelims on Tuesday when the conditions made it pretty tough going.  The 26 rods had a total of 46 trout weighing an average of just over a pound.  The top angler on the day was Brian Mackenzie with 6 fish, followed by David Moon and Tom Burnett who had 5 fish.

On Friday, Alan Smith had a fish measuring 620 mm and estimated at comfortably over 6 lbs and Ian Simpson had one of 5 lbs 9 ozs which was the only one kept out of 7 fish, all caught on buzzers just off the Point of St Serfs.

Best areas are still near to the drop offs, all along the bank from the Elbow Buoy to the East Buoy, Hole ‘o’ the Inch, Brock’s Hole, Carden Spot and south of the Reed Bower, all of which are working well when conditions are right.

Water temperature has remained steady at 5.50C with the water clarity still standing at 3.5 metres despite the appearance of some background algae.  Weed growth is now well underway in all the usual areas.

Best methods are very much being dictated by weather conditions.  On quieter days, buzzer methods seem to be working well but, when the wind is up, pulling methods using traditional flies with high density lines seems to work best – the fish will follow and take the hang right next to the boat.

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