Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 11th May

It has been a week of mixed fortunes at Loch Leven.  On Thursday, a lot of fish were caught mainly sub-surface using Buzzers and pulling flies at depth.  The following day, when conditions turned bright and decidedly breezy, fish suddenly became very hard to locate – I’m afraid those sort of swings in fortune are what you have to put up with when fishing for wild brown trout!

It is probably just as well that the anglers out on Friday were primarily the Scottish team practicing for their forthcoming Spring International in Ireland.  Under the circumstances with decidedly unfavourable conditions, they did creditably in catching 20 trout between them.  Hopefully this testing day at Loch Leven will stand them in good fettle in Ireland.

Conversely, the previous day (Thursday) had produced some bumper catches for those lucky enough to be out on the loch.  Stuart Moodie had 21 fish, all returned, while out as a single angler.  Graham Connelly and Sandy Robertson had 30 fish between them, again all returned.

The tough day on Friday was mentioned earlier.  However we do have a nice photo of Derek Rollo from Dunfermline who caught this lovely trout at 4 lbs 7 ozs.  He caught it in the Thrapple Hole using a green Buzzer that he happened to find in the boat he was in!

Derek Rollo with his 4 lbs 7 ozs brownie caught in the Thrapple Hole with a green buzzer

Derek Rollo with his 4 lbs 7 ozs brownie caught in the Thrapple Hole with a green buzzer

On Saturday, Ally Wells had 7 fish, as did Last Cast AC.  And then yesterday (Sunday), Kinross AC were out for the second time this year and had 42 fish between them, all duly measured and returned with the exception of 3 that were kept for the frying pan.  I was actually out there with them and was dead chuffed with the 4 fish I caught.  However, I was totally eclipsed by my boat partner, Alan Smith – at least I took him to the right places on the loch!

Throughout, a lot of fish were being reported to have been below, or just above, the one pound mark.  There were no really big fish reported this week with, in addition to Derek Rollo’s nice fish, another couple estimated around the 4 lbs mark.  However the condition of the fish and their fighting quality is sometimes hard to believe and even the smaller fish are giving a very good account of themselves.

Best areas still seem to be close to the various drop-offs all along the bank from the North Buoy to the East Buoy which seems to be holding very good numbers of fish.  The trout are still to be found predominantly sub-surface but evening boats are beginning to see small rises to hatching insects mid evening.

Pike anglers are still catching some very nice fish but not in quite the numbers they were a couple of weeks or so ago.

Water clarity is very good at the moment, standing just on 3.8 metres with the water temperature steady at 14.50C.  We expect weed growth to start in earnest shortly and zooplankton (Daphnia & Cyclops) are already appearing and will start to multiply in huge numbers during the days ahead, further enhancing the very good environment for the brownies in Loch Leven.  Some flies are hatching but not quite yet in the numbers that will bring the fish up to the surface but we are hopeful for some good Buzzer hatches ahead as the season unfolds.

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4 Responses to Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 11th May

  1. Alex MacGregor says:

    Hi Willie,
    this is probably a long shot, but I have lost a fly box which I last used at Loch Leven on Saturday 3rd of May.
    By any chance did anyone find it? It is an orange alumunium box with a disorganised selection of traditionals, with a few dries and buzzers.

    cheers, Alex

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