(Very) Early Season Report

The 2014 Loch Leven season kicked off 2 weeks ago (in theory) although, quite understandably, not many anglers have been foolhardy enough to brave the below average (for the time of year) temperatures and the chilly east winds.  There is therefore not a great deal to report just yet. The best fish to date was caught last weekend by Craig Dickson and it weighed somewhere between 4lbs – 5lbs – Craig returned the fish. It was caught just east of St.Serfs Island.

Some small buzzers have been hatching which is quite encouraging given the low
temperatures that we have been experiencing of late. Water temperature is still a very chilly 6 – 7 degrees and the water clarity 1.4 meters.

We could ideally do with a sustained lift in temperatures to activate the spring water borne food that the trout will feed heavily on.  That can happen relatively quickly and I will report again shortly with an update.

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3 Responses to (Very) Early Season Report

  1. Brian Duffy says:

    Great that the blog is up and running again , hope to see you soon

  2. Stan Headley says:

    It has always been my experience that a slow start to the season is a good thing for the rest of the season. Once the water temperatures improve I look forward to the 1st class fishing that Leven can provide.

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