Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 11th August 2013

Fish at both ends of the size spectrum have been featuring in catches at Loch Leven over the last week.  Large numbers of beautifully conditioned fish from 4 inches in length upwards mainly in the deeper water drifts in the southern half of the loch.  Equally, trout up to 5 lbs have also figured in returns mainly from those anglers fishing in areas close to weed beds where the fish have been feeding mainly on fry and some corixa.

Jim Torbert had the week’s heaviest fish which weighed exactly 5 lbs and took a gold bodied Invicta just off the weed beds at the east end of Cavelstone Strip.  Jim was using a full floating line when the fish took.  Kenny Sichi, fishing with Priory AC on Saturday, had a good basket of 4 fish including one at 4 lbs – all were returned.

Water clarity is still the same as last week, hovering at just over 1 metre, and water temperature has edged down a little further to 17.50C which will be just a little more comfortable for the fish.

Best drifts are mainly in the southern half of the loch with the weed beds along the south shore holding some very big fish whilst the open water east of Reed Bower all the way to St Serfs is holding large numbers of small trout – but large fish are about in the open water as well especially in a good blaw!  The North Deeps is also holding fish but these appear to be harder to tempt at the moment than their cousins in the south!

The most successful flies at the moment appear to be Snatchers, Kate McLaren, various Muddlers and Dabblers but some silver bodied fry patterns are taking fish as well.  Line density does appear to be very important at the moment as most of the ‘taking’ fish are in the top 4-5 feet of water.  Floating lines down to DI5 will work depending on the speed of drift and speed of retrieve.

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