Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 7th July 2013

Summer has finally arrived in some style at Loch Leven, with water temperature rising no less than 4.50C this past week to stand today at 18.50C.  Water clarity is holding at about 3.5 metres which is continuing to help weed growth and dadding another dimension to the fishing in Loch Leven.


We are still waiting (very patiently!) for the summer hatch of Yellow Owl in the evenings which hopefully this spell of warm weather will bring on.  Some big hatches of Caenis have been occurring and these do get some fish moving, especially smaller trout.  However, we do really need a big hatch of Yellow Owl to encourage larger fish up to the surface.


Samples taken of the stomach contents of fish caught and killed recently indicate that trout are feeding heavily on a wide variety of food sources found almost exclusively at or near the bottom.


Some very nice fish have been caught over the last week, with one estimated at comfortably over 5 lbs caught and released by Jim Torbert who was fishing with ABC&D Club one evening last week.


Best areas continue to be much as before, namely North Shore from Green Isle to the North Buoy, The Sluices to East End of St Serfs, and Cavelstone Strip to Reed Bower.  The open water drifts onto the bank at any of the Buoys are also holding a lot of fish.


We do expect the big hatch of ‘evening flies’ to appear very soon now that we appear to be entering a warm, reasonably settled spell.  Last year, it was the 2nd week of July when they hatched in good numbers and the fish reacted by following the flies up the water column right to the surface.

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