Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 23rd June 2013

Fishing at times on Loch Leven last week was extremely good.  Equally, it is fair to say that it was also challenging at other times – but that is what you probably expect with a wild brown trout fishery.

On Friday, the Scottish National Competition section (SANACC) held a semi final during the day session (10 am – 6 pm).  The 12 anglers involved in the semis had a total catch of 65 trout.  The top qualifier for the Final was Euan Clark who had 18 brownies, all caught using buzzer tactics.  Earlier in the week, Euan had been out practicing with Geoff Lawson and they had caught 40 between them so he was obviously ‘in the groove’!

On Wednesday, Mr Fairgreave was out fishing for 4 hours and caught 26 trout using buzzers, returning 17 and keeping 9 weighing 18 lbs 7 ozs.  Then on Sunday in a very strong NW wind, Stan Headley and Paul Sharp had 10 fish pulling traditionals, keeping 3 weighing 5 lbs 7 ozs and returning the remaining 7.

Big fish are still featuring consistently in angler returns.  There were two trout weighing in excess of 4 lbs which were caught and then returned during the competition on Friday whilst that same evening Andy Menmuir, out fishing with Kinross AC, had a beautiful trout weighing 5 lbs 1 oz which we believe was the top weight for the week.

Best areas last week appear to have been the North West shore from Scart round the Green Isle corner to the North Buoy- if you are using buzzers in that area, try to stick to the 10 – 15 foot contour.  Elsewhere, Brock’s Hole to Levenmouth is holding good numbers of fish whilst Elbow, Mid and East Buoys are all worth a drift when conditions allow.

The most successful flies are the same as those listed for the past few weeks, namely the Kate McLaren, Biblio, Peach Tailed Muddlers and all the Snatchers.  Black Buzzers are probably the first choice for those fishing buzzers but olive and black & red patterns are all working.

Water clarity is still very good at 3.8 metres whilst water temperature is steady at 16.50C.  Weed growth is now prolific, providing huge areas of first class food-producing habitat which is important for the back end of the season.

Thus far, the paucity of fly life has meant that most fish have remained deep as there has been little to tempt them up to the surface, which is why fishing buzzers has in the main been the most successful tactic.  It has been important to discover the depth where fish are feeding and then use a line density that gets you down to them.  We are still waiting for the hatches of large flies (Yellow Owl) that usually occur in the evenings at this time of year.  Last year, it was early July when these hatches started and the fish do respond when these big juicy flies are on offer.  It will be interesting to see when these hatches occur this year.

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3 Responses to Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 23rd June 2013

  1. Scott Breen says:

    Hi Willie i had a hard day on sat but managed 2 for near 6lb the biggest 4lb8oz ,that wasnt bad considering I left my gear at home then to top it off I left my trout and bass bag at scales lol, apart from that all good . I hope to see you soon.Scott

  2. Fraser Young says:

    Hi Willie – Excellent to hear the standard and numbers showing up in the catches… I have fished Leven over the years but am not a regular visitor (sadly) due to the distance. I have a boat booked later in July for an evening session and “canny wait” – I am interested in some feedback on the Buzzer results – this seems to have it nailed if you find the location and depth – can anyone give me some feedback on whether these are being taken from a drifting boat or are the successful anglers using an anchor and fishing entirely static – any feedback or tips would be greatly appreciated from anyone who can share! Thanks in advance….

    • Hi Fraser,

      Sorry in the delay in responding to your mail but here we are now.

      Many different methods are working while buzzer fishing but the most successful by far is the static buzzer fishing anchored, with either bung or some are just working them back keeping them moving.

      However the competition lads are not allowed to anchor and some equally good baskets are coming of long lining with anything from midge tip lines to di-3 depending on wind and depth of water.

      North bouy and mid deeps area drifting onto the mid bouy were some of the areas last weekend working however when you come through I,ll give you more updated area’s .

      The latest buzzers are size 10’s olives or black and red.


      Michael Wilson

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