Loch Leven Fishing report – week ending 26th May 2013

Strong winds last week disrupted the fishing on Loch Leven last week but slightly warmer temperatures saw things start ‘to move’ on Loch Leven during times when the weather was more benign.  Some nice evening rises have been reported by anglers fishing along the Kirkgate Bank near to Roy’s Folly and they enjoyed some sport in shallower water in the last hour of daylight.  Daytime fishing was patchy last week with the weather conditions but fish were caught using both buzzer and pulling methods.

Some nice pods of fish have been seen at Roy’s Folly, Green Isle to Old manse, around the East, Mid & Elbow Buoys with fish of all size ranges being reported.  It is particularly encouraging that Hole ‘o’ Inch and Brock’s Hole are still holding fish.

As already mentioned, both buzzer and pulling methods are both working.  Two anglers on Sunday picked up 8 good fish using buzzers on the drift at the tail of a fresh wind – not easy!  That same day, another boat had 6 fish pulling mini lures, with the largest measuring 64 cms.

The best pulling flies appear to be Black & Silver, Kate McLaren, Silver Invicta and Snatchers, all of which have been picking up fish.  Best buzzers have been Black & Red and Olive & Brown but actually the size of the buzzers being used is probably more important than the pattern choice.  Some good hatches of buzzers have been taking place in the early morning but they have been quite localised, reflecting the importance of the old adage of being in the right place at the right time.

David Bowie had the week’s best fish estimated at 6 ½ lbs which he caught while fishing over the Elbow Buoy onto the shallows – the fish was returned.  One angler had a nice catch of 5 brownies fishing buzzers during the Sunday evening session.

Water clarity is continuing to improve very slowly and has edged up to 2.4 metres whilst the water temperature too has risen a little to 12.20C which is still a little below the norm for the time of year.  Weed growth is now clearly evident in all the usual parts of the loch.

As the season progresses and buzzer hatches consolidate, fish will start to move higher in the water column and hopefully become more available.

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