Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 5th May 2013

Apologies for the late emergence from hibernation of the Willie the Ghillie blog / weekly fishing reports this year but it is down to Spring seemingly being cancelled.  The continued unseasonably cold weather has meant that, in almost all regards, we are probably about a month behind where we would normally expect to be.  At the time of writing, the trees are still just budding and there has been little by way of growth in plants.  The fishing season has been no exception.

It will come as no surprise, therefore, to learn that Loch Leven has had a very slow start to its 2013 season, courtesy in the main to cold air and water temperatures as well as high winds.  Water temperature near the surface is a pretty chilly 90C and the water clarity is 1.7 metres (last year at the same time, it stood at 4 metres!).

Some buzzers are hatching and indeed some fish have been caught using buzzer methods.  The few fish anglers have spooned were found to have been feeding on buzzer larvae – hopefully a good sign for some action later in the season.  Another encouraging feature has been the condition of the trout which without exception has been extremely good for the start of the season.  However that is perhaps only to be expected with the huge availability of food for fish in Loch Leven!

Another interesting feature worthy of mention happened last Sunday when two anglers fishing with Kinross AC caught and returned (after measuring) four fish measuring respectively 10 inches, 13 inches , 16 inches and 20 inches – they obviously haven’t gone metric yet!  Those fish represented 4 clearly separate year groups which is very encouraging indeed.

Fish have been seen in a lot of different areas of the loch.  East of St Serfs, for example, appears to be holding a good head of trout.  The Factor’s Pier shore out to Scart Island is another area where fish are being seen and caught and even the open water east of Reed Bower has produced trout when the wind has eased enough for boats to get out there.

Pulling mini lures has been the most productive method with DI7 being the line of choice.  However lower density lines are always worth considering when the weather is calmer.  Black / Green and Black / Silver combinations seem to be doing best but Kate McLaren and all the Snatcher variants should never be discounted this early in the season.  As mentioned earlier, buzzer methods are always worth considering as buzzer larvae will always feature high on the trout feeding menu and, as we have seen in past seasons, fishing buzzer methods can do well.

Now that we are underway again, I will keep this blog going on a weekly basis reporting on the fishing as it unfolds throughout the season.  We would like to wish anglers the very best of fortune during 2013 and we should now be praying daily to the weather god to bring us some proper spring weather.  Tight lines!

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One Response to Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 5th May 2013

  1. Stan Headley says:

    Great to see that Willie the Ghillie has survived a hellish winter. Here’s hoping that everyone who goes out on The Loch comes back in with a great big smile on his/her face. I always do, but then I’ve always believed that a day on Leven isn’t deducted from your alloted lifespan.

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