Loch Leven Fishing report – week ending 23rd September 2012

As seems to have been the case for a while, fishing at Loch Leven has been pretty hard work over the last week.  Whilst there have been some lovely fish caught, there has been none over 4 lbs that we are aware of.

Water clarity in the shallower water up in the Black Wood – Grahamstone area has been particularly good and fish have been seen there chasing fry.  One angler on Saturday caught a fish which was stuffed with fry.  Corixa are also plentiful in that area and so the fish are currently spoilt for choice on what to feed on.  Water clarity throughout the rest of the loch is about 1.5 metres and the temperature is now 150C which is distinctly chilly for September.

The open water drifts have continued to produce fish, more so in the north than the south, but the large numbers of small fish that we have been seeing over recent weeks appear to have ‘gone deep’.  Other than the open water drifts, the best areas have been Green Isle to Old Manse Bay, East Buoy, Point of St Serfs, Vane Bank and Levenmouth Bank, especially near the drop offs.

The best flies have remained pretty much the same as in previous weeks but some of the fry patterns, fished in small sizes, have been working when fish are in the mood.

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