Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 9th September 2012

Some very mixed weather conditions have resulted in some pretty challenging conditions on Loch Leven over the last week.  Indeed, on Sunday, anglers initially had to contend with a flat calm but by 6 o’clock were having to contend with rain squalls blown in on a fresh to strong southerly wind.

Nevertheless there have been some lovely fish caught during the week although none as far as we are aware over 4 lbs although most fish are being returned.  Small fish are still showing up in considerable numbers – one angler on Sunday reported hooking and returning 4 fish on the same cast with at least one estimated to be around ¾ lbs.

When we do get the wind blowing, the open water drifts all over the loch are working well using traditional flies, low density lines and pulling fast / very fast!  In calmer conditions, fishing a much slower retrieve will pay off and indeed trying buzzers should not be ignored despite this method not proving overly successful this season for whatever reason – one angler apparently hooked and subsequently lost a very big fish on Sunday morning using buzzer tactics.

Fry feeders are certainly still about but as usual they are pretty difficult to entice.  As we move into the final 4 weeks of the season, the areas around the burn mouths are now starting to hold fish in increasing numbers.  At times, these fish are showing as ‘jumpers’ and are not actually feeding.  However, these fish can be very big and so, if they do ‘switch on’, some trophy trout should be available.

The water temperature has continued to edge down and now stands at 15.50C whilst water clarity has edged a little higher to 1.5 metres.

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