Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 29th July 2012

Small fish have started to really started to make an appearance in big numbers over the last week or so at Loch Leven, more often than not during the evening sessions.  Fishing over the open water from Cavelstone Strip to Mid Buoy, one boat reported countless numbers of trout in the 7” – 11” class and having 3 on at once several times. As one might expect, the odd bigger fish did make an appearance just to keep them on their toes!  However, the number of small trout making an appearance is just so encouraging for the future.

That said, bigger fish have certainly been seen by anglers.  There was a very good rise off Factor’s Pier on Sunday evening with some very big fish amongst them.  On Saturday evening, another good rise was spotted between the South Queich mouth and Cavelstone Strip whilst another good drift has been between Carden Bay all the way over to St Serfs.  As usual, catching these bigger fish during a rise is pretty challenging but it is very enjoyable being in amongst them.

The biggest fish this past week was caught by David McAllister on Saturday – it weighed 5 lbs 2 ozs and was caught on a Humongous fly pattern, an indication perhaps that some fry action is not far away.  Here are another couple of nice trout caught during the week:

John Spittal caught this 4 1/2 lbs trout at Factor’s Pier after dark on a dry fly

Gus Elder from Kirriemuir with a 4 lbs 12 ozs brownie caught during the evening session on the 24th of July










Water clarity remains at 2 metres and the water temperature is fairly static around 16.80C.  Weed growth has probably peaked and there are some wonderful big weed beds in evidence in a few different areas of the loch.  These weed beds support a huge and diverse amount of aquatic life and brown trout always seem to be drawn (understandably) to these food hot spots.  It is well worth coming here, particularly on a dull day – and we have had a few of those of late – to see if you can ambush one of these big trout.

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1 Response to Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 29th July 2012

  1. Scott Breen says:

    been there the last 2weeks on a tuesday night its got to be the best Loch Fishing in the WORLD!!! and the info you get from Willie and Mike is spot on cant wait 2 get back out LOVE IT ..TAHNKS Scott and Fred .

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