Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 15th July 2012

Whereas daytime fishing has not been particularly easy this past week on Loch Leven, it is nice to be able to report at least that evening fishing has been better.  That said, the unusual weather patterns for the time of year have not produced the consistent conditions that I think we need to get the fish really going.  Nevertheless, there have been some very good evening rises of fish witnessed by anglers even if catching them has been another matter.  One angler out on Friday evening got into a really big rise of fish around 10pm but became so frustrated when, an hour later, he had only succeeded in getting a couple into the boat that he has decided to completely revisit his approach to getting to grips with the Loch Leven brownie!

Kinross AC were out on Friday evening and recorded 29 fish, all bar four of which were measured and returned – actually not a bad return at all for the 14 rods out on the loch.  On Thursday evening, Ally Wells weighed in two brownies at 4 lbs 2 ozs and returned a further six.  Jim Moncur, fishing a day boat on Thursday, had four fish at 6 lbs 12 ozs and returned four.  The 5 boats with Stan Headley had caught and returned 9 fish whereas CSSA Rosyth had 10 fish for 13 lbs 7 ozs with a further two returned.  The largest fish of the week weighing 4 lbs 4 ozs was caught and returned by Rod McLennan on Sunday evening.

Nothing much has changed since last week regarding the best drifts.  In fact, depending on the weather conditions and wind direction, fish can be caught pretty much anywhere on the loch and so it is probably best to ask at the Pier for up-to-date information on areas and flies.  Once again, fly patterns doing the business have not changed since last week with buzzers still working, as are pulling methods particularly in the evening with varying line densities.

Water clarity is holding up really well for mid July at 2.2 metres.  We do still have quite a fair number of background algaes present in the water column but nothing like the huge biomass of algaes encountered in the past – long may this improvement continue!  Water temperature has actually dropped a tad to 16.80C but is very comfortable for the trout at these levels.

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