Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 1st July 2012

Although day fishing has been pretty difficult over recent days, it is encouraging to report that evening fishing has shown signs of improving.  Sunday evening saw a good hatch of Buzzers just off the Cavelstone Strip, prompting a very nice rise of fish, a good few of which were caught with some comfortably over 2 lbs.  Connor Campbell had 7 fish in the space of an hour and a half, all of which were returned.  I went out myself at 9.30 pm and even I managed to catch 3!  This was the first big hatch of buzzers we have seen in the evening and it was lovely to seeing fish responding.

On Friday, Kinross AC had a creditable return of 23 fish , with all but 7 weighing 15 lbs 6 ozs returned.  Fishing that same evening with Blairgowrie AC, Jim Dornan had a fish weighing exactly 6 lbs and the club had 6 fish for 13 lbs 8 ozs.

Buzzers still seem to be catching fish and are certainly still worth a try.  When the wind is up, pulling methods are also working although picking the right line density is important.  On Friday evening for example, anglers were faced with a very strong southerly wind and pulling methods were working with lines ranging from full floaters down to DI5.  One angler on Saturday had 3 fish on a Claret Dabbler but otherwise the most mentioned successful flies remain the Snatchers, Kate McLaren, Doobry and Pearly Invicta.

Fish have been contacted in most of the known drifts.  When out on Sunday evening, I witnessed (or rather bumped into) literally hundreds of little trout in the open water between Reed Bower and St Serfs.  These fish appeared mostly to range in size from 11 inches down to as small as 4 inches and confirms our observations that juvenile recruitment from the burns is indeed actually happening on an encouraging scale.

Water clarity stands at 2.3 metres and water temperature has edged up to 17.50C (although why that should have happened with our recent lousy weather, who knows!).  Weed growth is now clearly visible almost everywhere and that is something we are particularly pleased to see at Loch Leven and reflects the improving water quality in the loch that was quite widely reported in press articles last week.

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