Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 17th June 2012

Somewhat surprisingly perhaps, buzzer fishing has become pretty difficult at Loch Leven over the last week.  Plenty of anglers have been using different buzzer methods and have indeed succeeded in catching a few fish – but it has been hard work.  Conversely, various pulling methods have been successful, but the key there is finding the right depth where the fish are lurking.  When cloud cover is 100% (which let’s face it has been most of the time over the last week!), low density lines seem to put the flies in amongst the brownies.  On the rare occasions that bright conditions have prevailed, high density lines are required.

The best areas have undoubtedly been the drop offs all along the Black Wood from Grahamstone to the Rough Hole Sett, Duncan’s Corner along the Vane Bank to Brock’s Hole and finally Hole ‘o’ the Inch to Levenmouth.  Fish are also being caught in the open water drifts east of Reed Bower and Point of St Serfs.  The most successful flies have been the Doobry, Kate McLaren, all the Snatchers as well as the usual olive and black & red buzzers when buzzer methods are working.

The cold, miserable weather have brought the water temperature back down to 14.80C and below where it would normally be at this time of year.  Water clarity has also dropped to 2.8m due to the high winds having churned things up somewhat.  However, weed growth appears to be prolific courtesy of the much improved water quality.

Some really good fish have shown up in catches this past week.  Aberdour’s club outing on Friday was a very wet and windy affair but they had one at 5 lbs and another at 4 lbs 5 ozs amongst the few they recorded.  Out on Saturday practicing for this week’s SANA semi final, Alan Smith had 7 fish (all returned) with 2 he estimated being over 4 lbs.  Also practicing for the same event, Iain Earle had 4 trout (all returned) with the largest one estimated at 5 lbs 8 ozs.

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