Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 10th June 2012

The fishing has been somewhat mixed this past week on Loch Leven.  Some very big hatches of buzzers were seen midweek which brought the fish up towards the surface in very big numbers but, although it was great to see, they proved pretty hard to catch.  One angler reported that he had not seen such a prolific hatch for years.  By way of contrast, two evenings later in a strong north-easterly, there was hardly a fly to be seen and anglers had to work hard for a fish or two.

Stand out performance came from Dave Clark who followed up his 15 fish a week past Saturday with a further 11 trout (all returned) a week later.  That said, Peter Walls had 14 fish on Tuesday, of which he returned 12 and kept 2 for 2 lbs 14 ozs.  Matthew Warder & Ewan Clark had 12 fish using buzzers, again all of which were returned. As mentioned above, evening sessions are starting to be productive when conditions are favourable and a Kinross AC outing saw 14 rods catch & return 24 brownies and, by all accounts, it could easily have been more.

Water clarity remains very good at 3.1 metres and the water temperature is a comfortable (for the fish anyway!) 15.80C.  Weed growth is now prolific and will be providing the fish with exactly the diverse environment in the loch in which they should thrive.  There is some algae present in the water column but it is currently at much lower concentrations than we have seen at this stage in previous seasons.

Again, there has not been much change in either fishing methods or fly patterns.  Buzzers are still taking fish when conditions are warm and winds light.  However, pulling methods are also doing well with traditional wets such as Kate McLaren, Bibio, Dunkeld and also all the Snatchers (especially the Claret Snatcher) all getting regular mentions.

Now we have reached mid June, evening fishing should be coming into its own and, as mentioned earlier, good hatches of buzzers (Yellow Owl or Curly Bum) will certainly help spark some good old-fashioned Loch Leven rises!

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