Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 3rd June 2012

As tends so often to be the case, the weather conditions have been affecting the opportunities for anglers on Loch Leven of late.  When the wind eases, buzzer methods have been working nicely, as was the case for example on Saturday when boats fishing off the Kirkgate had fish steadily  until about 1pm (one boat caught 15 brownies during that period).  However, the wind then suddenly strengthened and those same two anglers only ‘touched’ a few fish in the afternoon.

Evenings have been much the same.  On Wednesday, the bay just east of the harbour produced several good baskets of fish courtesy of a hatch of big, mainly dark, buzzers – the first real hatch of buzzers we have had this season.

Here are some of the notable catches of the last week or so:

  • Dave Clark & Ian Sutherland had 15 fish all returned (see above)
  • Dunfermline Railway AC had 9 brownies for 9 lbs 1 oz one evening session
  • Mr Hay caught 3 fish, returned 1 and kept 2 weighing 3 lbs 8 ozs
  • Stuart Malcolmson caught and returned 8 brownies
  • Matthew Warder had 12 fish, returned 7 and kept 5 weighing 9 lbs 4 ozs
  • Paul Chambers had 6 fish for 10 lbs 15 ozs.

Water clarity is still excellent for Loch Leven, standing at just under 4 metres, despite the huge amounts of zooplankton in the water column which are actually reducing the clarity a tad.  Weed growth is now well underway and the hope is that this weed will use up more of the available nutrients in the water to deny the algae and keep the algae biomass low.  The water temperature has dropped slightly to 160C with the end of the fine weather but it should not be an issue at that level.

The best areas have remained roughly as before although Kirkgate – Cavelstone has been one of the most recent drifts to produce fish.  Otherwise, all along the bank close to the drop-offs, Hole ‘o’ the Inch and north of Castle Island are still proving productive.

The usual buzzers are all working – indeed, one angler fishing a team of 4 buzzers had fish on all 4 patterns!  The best wet flies appear to be still Kate McLaren, Black Pennell, Dunleld, various small Sparklers with green or yellow tail tags and of course all the Snatchers in their various guises.  One thing to remember when fishing ‘wets’ is that line density is very important.  If in doubt, ask at the Pier before going out where to expect fish and at what depth.  We all know fishing is not an exact science, particularly on Loch Leven which is such a large and complex water, but we will try to pass on the latest local knowledge where we can.

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