Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 13th May 2012

Spring appears still to be on hold at the moment and there is as yet no sign of the warmer weather we normally associate with May.  Water temperature at Loch Leven is still only 10.50C which is comfortably below what we would normally expect whereas water clarity is much better than normal for this time of year at 4 metres.  The water level in the loch has actually risen about 3 inches this past week.

At times when the weather is reasonably settled, fish are being caught mainly to buzzer methods although even on some of the days with rougher water, pulling methods were also successful.  Not many evening boats have been out so far this season but a good rise was seen just off the Factor’s Pier just before dusk on one of the quieter evenings.

A smaller class of fish have been seen more regularly this past week – trout on and around the one pound mark – which have been very energetic and quite willing to take when nearer the surface.  Many fish have also been recorded in the 2 ½ lbs – 3 ½ lbs class and it is very encouraging to see these different year classes all being well represented in the loch.

The most successful drifts have stayed much the same as last week, namely Hole ‘o’ the Inch, Brock’s Hole, East Buoy and north of Castle Island.  However, whenever the wind did drop for a while, fish were being contacted in most areas of the loch.

Buzzers are working, particularly heavy buzzers fished pretty deep, although some anglers are using a Booby on the tail to change the profile of the flies on offer.  There has been no discernible change to the most successful wet fly patterns with the Kate McLaren, Black Pennell, Dunkeld etc all working well.  Line density is pretty important when using pulling methods – DI7 and DI5 have to date been the favourite choice but, on quieter days, it has paid off reducing the line density.

As the season progresses, we should see more regular evening hatches of flies and anglers will hopefully get in amongst some surface feeding trout – however we will need to see an improvement in the weather and warmer temperatures in particular to help us with that!

There have been some good catches recorded last week despite the adverse conditions:

Mr Dobbie & friend weighed in 2 brownies for 5 lbs 6 ozs and returned a further 19 (using buzzers)

W Sternicks had 6 which were all returned, as separately did R Walls and Lindsay Barrie.

Brian McKenzie and Tom Burnett caught and returned 17 trout

A Wells caught and returned 7 fish.

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