The 2012 Season on Loch Leven officially opens

The new season on Loch Leven officially kicked off at the weekend although a few anglers had sought to steal a march by nipping out onto the loch from the previous weekend because we had started putting the boats into the water and the weather was so lovely!  In fact, due to the unseasonally warm weather last week (as opposed to this morning!!), some nice catches were recorded.  Brian Mackenzie & Tom Burnett had 14 fish with the largest being estimated at around 4 lbs on Saturday 24th March, all of which they returned.  The following day, Stan Headley and a pal had 2 good fish, both of which they returned, and contacted a few more before the very strong sun put paid to the activity.  Jeff Lawson & Ewan Clark had 4 fish (all returned) when they went out on Tuesday fishing with buzzers, but again the very bright conditions were not particularly favourable.

Last Sunday, with the season officially underway, the temperature had dropped a bit from the high teens earlier in the week and the sunny conditions meant that the fishing was fairly challenging.  That said, a few fish were still being caught, the best of which was another estimated 4 pounder in Andy Middlemass’ boat – Alan also had a 2 lbs pike!  The latter was particularly apposite, bearing in mind there was a pike angling club out on the loch that day – they caught 2 small ones and another at 8 1/2 lbs.

All in all, it appears to have been an interesting and, dare we say it, quietly encouraging start to the season.  Loch Leven has never been renowned for prolific early season catches – and indeed the opening this year is 2-3 weeks earlier than we have been used to in the past.  As the water temperature rises and the flies start to move up the water column, the fish will surely (!?) respond.

The fish caught so far have, in the main been in very good condition.  Some kelted fish have been seen but that presumably reflects the good breeding season we have just had.

It is a tad early perhaps to be reporting on the ‘killing flies’ but Dunkeld varients, Black & Silver, Black & Green lures, Kate McLaren, Black Pennel and all the Snatchers should work during the first colder weeks.  As mentioned earlier, buzzers too are well worth a wee swim!

The water temperature on the surface did rather astonishingly reach 11 degrees Centigrade during the warm weather last week but by Monday, it was already down to 8.5 by yesterday.  As you can see from the photo taken from the Bistro on Sunday and this morning, it has almost certainly dipped back even further.

 Water clarity is around 2 metres which is actually a bit better than we would normally expect at this time of year and may well reflect the continuing improvement in water quality in the loch.

As the season gets underway in earnest, we look forward very much to seeing all you hard working anglers back here and we wish everyone ‘tight lines’ for 2012.

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One Response to The 2012 Season on Loch Leven officially opens

  1. Alan Gay says:

    looking forward to the 14th

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