Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 28th August 2011

Some good fishing has been enjoyed this past week at Loch Leven despite some pretty high winds. Open water drifts are currently working well, especially near to the drop offs at all the buoys. The areas around the extensive week beds are all holding fish and there are some lovely large specimens to be had in these parts. Stan Headley, fishing with a friend, had a gorgeous fish weighing 4 lbs 6 ozs drifting along the edge of a weed bed in the Carden Bay – Carden Point area. Rod McLellan also had this 5 lbs beauty (caught and returned) on a yellow owl dry fly well after dark at the back of the castle.

The largest fish of the week, however, was landed by PJ McIntosh, fishing with Kinross AC on Sunday when conditions were decidedly cold and blustery. It was a hen fish measuring 680 mm – estimated weight was 5.5 lbs – and returned. Kinross AC have a club policy of measuring the length all their fish they catch as opposed to weighing them before they are returned – however anyone wanting to keep a trout for the pot can do so. Michael Wilson was top rod on the day in Kinross AC with 6 fish measuring 1935 mm which is not perhaps a traditional weigh-in but it does produce the necessary result. 

Whilst we would like to applaud the very responsible attitude being taken by Kinross AC and many other clubs and anglers regarding catch & release on Loch Leven, it is necessary once again perhaps to stress that anglers are welcome to keep fish for their own use. They are particularly good eating – after all cormorants do not exercise a catch and release policy (although perhaps we ought to start negotiating with SNH about getting the cormorants to fall into line with anglers!)

There has not been much change in the best fly patterns this past week, with muddlers of various patterns, snatchers, Pearly Wickham, Pearly Invicata all reported to have done the business.

Water clarity is improved slightly to 1.5m whilst the water temperature has edged down a little to 160C.

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