Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 17th July 2011

Loch Leven is still fishing well, particularly now in the evenings.  Some big hatches of Yellow Owl have at last started to appear.  On Sunday evening, they (Yellow Owl) could be heard very clearly overhead and the trout were certainly responding.  Alan Smith and John Reid had a great night at the Mid Buoy – they kept 5 for 8lb 8oz and returned 15.  Mr Cameron and a pal had 15, all of which they returned.  

Day fishing also continues to work away quite well when conditions are suitable.  Snatchers and the usual traditional flies are all catching fish. Line density is sometimes important but, if you have full cloud cover, a floating line with a team of old fashioned flies will do the business.  Buzzer methods are still working, again when the conditions suit, but we are starting to sense that the prolific weed growth is starting to limit the success of this method. 

Water clarity dropped a little this week at 1.7 meters but the water temperature remains at around 18°C. The weed beds, which we have been mentioning over recent weeks, have now become firmly established and look set to provide a variety of food for the fish over the coming months. 

Best areas for anglers remain much the same as last week, namely North Buoy, Elbow Buoy to Castle Island, Reed Bower to St Serfs whilst the Hole “o” the Inch does appear to be holding some very good fish which are rising mainly into the evening. 

As said before, all of the snatcher patterns working well and the Kate McLaren, Biblio and Muddlers are all pulling up fish.  Dries are also well worth a chuck as Mr Fairley and his son found out on Sunday evening – they had seven good fish (all returned) right off the top of the water using dries.

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2 Responses to Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 17th July 2011

  1. Alex Galloway says:

    was out on wed 20th july with club(Tillicoultry) had a great night 9 fish in the boat 2 rods going on 19 fish the loch is certainly good at the moment and long may it last it was particularly nice to see so many fish not always rise but coming to the flies brought back memories of times gone past and of times still to come once again a great night and well done to all at loch leven it seems to be working

    • Thanks, Alex, glad you enjoyed your evening here. It is great to see the loch fishing so well again – it is bringing back happy memories for so many anglers such as yourself. Fingers and everything crossed that this is not a short term blip but instead a sustainable recovery in Loch Leven’s fortunes. The signs currently are encouraging but we are to a large extent in the hands of Mother Nature.

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