Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 10th July 2011

The fishing on Loch Leven has continued to be pretty good in the main this past week with some boats / individuals reporting very good catches. Most of the time, buzzer methods continue to work the best, but dries and emergers have also begun to do well especially in the evenings.  The evening fishing has really improved this past week courtesy of some good buzzer hatches.  There have also been some big hatches of Caenis taking place on most evenings which have been leading to some good rises of fish.  During the day, anglers are best advised to mainly use buzzer methods either at anchor or on the drift. 

What is encouraging is that fish can be found pretty much all over the loch at the moment.  However, the most popular areas producing the best results on a consistent basis are North Buoy, Scart, Reed Bower to St Serfs (open water) and Cavelstone Strip. 

The best flies to recommend depend largely on what particular method anglers prefer.  The Kate McLaren, Biblio and Doobry are all working, as are all the different snatcher patterns whilst suspender buzzers will work when fish are close to the surface. 

Water clarity is still holding firm around the two metre mark and, with water temperature remaining steady at 17.8°C,  the weed beds are now really extensive. 

As we are now into the second half of the season, pulling tactics normally start to improve, giving anglers the opportunity of using a more physical approach to luring a fish or two into the net. However at the moment, the more mundane buzzer tactics still seem to be the first choice of most of us.

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